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WiFi and WiMAX: What are the Differences?

WiFi and WiMAX: What are the Differences?

Aug 30, 2013

WiFi or Wireless Fidelity is a standard system used for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) which has IEEE 802.11 specification. While WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is technology using Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) which has high speed and broad scope. This is the breakthrough from BWA technology. It uses IEEE 802.16 standard.

The difference between WiFi and WiMAX network is on the division of spectrum used and the used frequency. Although both of them use 5.8GHz frequency, WiMAX is arranged to be able to use the other two frequencies, 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz. It makes a possibility for users to increase the output power of WiMAX device so that they can reach further scope.

Based on the range scope, the differences are:

1.WiFi can reach 30 meters range while WiMAX has 40-50 km range. So, WiMAX has broader scope than WiFi.

2.WiFi has power to share data up to 11 Mbps while WiMAX has power up to 75 Mbps to share data.

3.WiFi has frequency from 2.4 up to 5Ghz while WiMAX has lower and wider frequency, which is 2-6GHz.

The plus and minus of WiFi and WiMAX network

WiFi and WiMAX have their own points to be considered by the users if they are confused which one they want to use.

The plus points of WiFi:

a.It has as fast access as broadband has.

b.It is accessible, as long as within the hotspot area.

c.It can uphold many users in one hotspot area.

d.It is flexible and cheap.

While the minus points are:

a.Data sharing is easy to tap

b.The Access Point is easy to be attacked by virus.

c.To activate the WiFi, users have to stay in hotspot area.

d.The scope is still limited. It is hard for the signal to pass through the wall.

If those who want to use WiMAX, here are the plus points of it:

a.It has as fast access as broadband has.

b.The infrastructure development is more faster and cheaper than broadband access.

c.The range scope is wider than WiFi and broadband access, which is up to 50 km in maximum.

d.Since it has wider range scope, it has many features that WiFi does not have with IEEE 802.11 standard.

The last but not the least is the lack of WiMAX:

a.It needs experienced technician to install the devices.

b.The infrastructure price is very expensive.

c.The Indonesian government is not ready yet to set the WiMAX frequency as other countries are. The biggest possibility frequency is 3.5GHz. But the government still has to set the most exact frequency range since it will be also used for satellite communication.

Windows 8 OS: the Plus and the Minus

Windows 8 OS: the Plus and the Minus

Aug 18, 2013

In 2012, Microsoft Corp. officially released its newest operating system, Windows 8. Every developer is widely opened with its born. Many of them are very sure that this will bring the breakthrough in either technology or business development. Microsoft provides three versions of this OS. They are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT.

windows 8

Currently Microsoft provides online app store for Windows 8 named Windows Store. It eases the developers to control their applications and also eases the users to use the supporting apps. Microsoft also guarantees that Windows 8 users will experience the same way as desktop, tablet PC, and smartphones do. Before deciding to buy Windows 8 product, let us take a look to the plus and the minus of it.

The Plus of Windows 8

1.More dynamic outlook

Like other tablet PCs and smartphones, computer, which uses Windows 8 OS, is completed with notifications feature related to social media account, e-mail for instance. Besides, you will be automatically connected with Skydrive, Windows’s data storage site.

2.More universal searching system.

Windows 8 provides more easier way to search data than other OS do.

3.Faster booting.

Windows 8 only needs 8 seconds to boot. This is indeed faster than other current PCs monitor. Also, there is no more BIOS flashing display.


Windows 8 PC is protected with Secure Boot and UEFI-based BIOS so that it is prevented from malware when booting.

5.Matched with all software

Windows 8 is not troublesome with software since all software which can run in Windows 7 can also be applied in Windows 8. Thus, users do not need to upgrade their PC. Intel Atom processor and 1 GB RAM are already enough to run this OS.

6.Optimized for touch-screen

Windows 8 interface called Metro is really optimized for touch-screen display with form of Windows Phone interface.

The Minus of Windows 8

1.There is no Start and Close X button

Beginner users will get confused when they use Windows 8 for the first time either to start working, close the window or access the program since there is no Start and Close X button. Although it provides a data search system, Start button is considered as an urgent facility to ease the users. To end a work, users have to point the cursor above the app. When a hand button emerges, users have to drag it then close the program.

2.Many hidden apps or files

This is perhaps the most confusing part for Windows 8 users because when they operate it, there are only two apps that can be opened altogether while the others are hidden. Users have to use data search system to open the other data.

After knowing the plus and minus of Windows 8, it should be a consideration for people before buying the product to ensure which best OS they want to use.

What is Mobile Computing?

What is Mobile Computing?

Aug 10, 2013

The development of technology these days makes people become able to do various activities in easier way. If 30 years ago people still needed to stay at one place to do some computer works, such as typing and editing data, now they do not need to do the same way anymore. Yes, indeed, this is actually something we need to be grateful about. After the invention of laptop, which make it easier for people to do computing activities anywhere and anytime they want, now we also know the technology of mobile phone that support computing activities through certain applications and programs. This development of technology is now commonly known as mobile computing technology.

Mobile computing refers to any computing activities which can be done anywhere at any time using certain devices. With this technology, people will still be able to work in computing activities even they are not staying at one place. This kind of technology is definitely something so great for those who are really busy and have a lot of things to handle in small amount of time. But because the device is not connected with power source like electricity, the power of the device itself is just rely on the battery power. The most common devices that people use to do mobile computing activities are laptop and mobile phone. With laptop, people can do their works even they need to change their location by riding any kinds of transportation. But for some people, laptop is quite heavy to carry around and it is also a little bit difficult to carry it in crowded area.

Different with laptop, mobile phone that already supports computing activities is more flexible and easier to carry around. It has smaller size than laptop, which makes people are more like to use mobile phone than laptop to do their computing activities. Mobile phone that completed with mobile computing technology is commonly called with smart phone. This phone will not only make people able to do some computing activities, such as typing, editing data, editing pictures and many more, but they will also able to send some email or browsing as long as they have an internet connection.

Information about Computer Hardware

Information about Computer Hardware

Aug 2, 2013

Computer hardware is physical elements or components that complete the computer system, such as keyboard, hard drive disk, mouse, monitor, data storage, CPU and many more.  You can touch all of those components and parts with your hand. Different from hardware, the existence of software on the computer cannot be touch with your hand. Software is refers to application, ideas or symbols that you can install on the computer. Of course, when it comes to the question which one is better than the others, well, it is actually a hard question since both hardware and software are really important.

Computer hardware that you can find these days are also commonly known as personal computer hardware. This kind of hardware is refers to component devices which building blocks of personal computer. Personal computer itself is consisting of several main parts. The first one is computer case. Computer case is an enclosure for all of the components from a computer, except mouse, keyboard and monitor. It is usually made from stainless steel or aluminum, but with the development of technology these days now you can also find computer case that made from wood, Lego or plastic.

computer hardware

The second one is power supply. Power supply unit is the part of computer hardware which converts current electric power into low voltage DC power for internal components on the computer. Third is motherboard. Inside the case, there is the main component called as motherboard that supports the operation of system of the computer. This component is one of the most important parts inside the computer because without the existence of motherboard, you will not able to operate your computer. Motherboard is like a rectangular board using integrated circuitry which connected with the other components of the computer like RAM, CPU, BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and disk drives. Fourth is monitor and keyboard. Monitor will be useful to display images and data that being processed on the computer and keyboard is a tool that you can use to type documents or keywords that will be displayed on the monitor. The last component of computer hardware is mouse. There are two types of mouse that you can choose, mouse with cable or wireless mouse.