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How does a Computer Virus Scan Work?

How does a Computer Virus Scan Work?

Sep 26, 2013

It is not surprising when you find your computer getting error caused by virus. It is normal, and almost everyone who has computer meets the same case as you do. Well, without any doubt, such situation is really annoying. To secure your computer from that error problem, you can use a virus scanner or antivirus; this tool will help you to clean out the virus from your computer. The one that distinct from your computer to another computer is the virus scanner or antivirus that you use. Usually, one antivirus provides different services from other antivirus. So, you have to choose an antivirus that appropriate in order to make it work well on your computer. So, how does a computer virus scan work?

First, antivirus software works by recognizing if there are viruses on your computer; usually they will search any signature virus that make your computer in trouble. You have to know first what the meaning of signature is; it is such a particular pattern on a computer that is strict and usually will be displayed when your computer is activated. You may do not know that pattern; you even do not realize or recognize the pattern. The only one that knows the pattern and knows exactly what the pattern is a technician that has specialization in Computing security, and then security software is made and available on many websites. The patterns are downloaded by the antivirus, and then the antivirus examines the patterns and lists them to be updated. That way it will be really easy for you to deal with the rest of the things.

Those are all how does a computer virus scan work. Not all patterns are always dangerous for your computer; only certain patterns that contain particular unique virus that are cleaned up by the antivirus software. The most important thing is that virus in Computer system is different with virus in the real life. Virus on computer is purposively made by technicians, so they may always struggle to make different virus all the time in order to make it difficult to recognize and even to secure.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing for So Many Aspects

The Benefits of Video Conferencing for So Many Aspects

Sep 18, 2013

Benefits of video conferencing cannot be denied moreover in this globalization era. There have been so many technologies which are created to make human’s life become much easier and this innovation of have become one of those technologies. As well as the intention of the other innovations which we find today, the technology of video conferencing is aimed to ease people’s way of life. It can be said so since the main use of this innovation is to give people the other way in communication. When there is no possibility for people to meet while it is important for them to communicate, then this innovation simply can be one of the ways out.

The way it works is simple. When you have already had the technology of video conferencing, then you can simply have your audio visual communication type. It means that you are going only going to be able to hear their voice like when you make a call, but you will be able also to communicate with people by seeing their face and their surroundings. However, this technology is not the same with video call system since this is going to let you to have your communication with more than one person. It means you will be able to communicate in multiple ways. Furthermore, you are going to be able to get so many benefits of video conferencing and those are such as you are going to be able to have your live conversation with people even though there is no way for you to meet with them directly because maybe you are separated by distances.

 video conferencing

Besides, you will also be able to minimize the budget that you are going to spend when you meet those people directly. Imagine about how much you will need to spend if you want to be in touch with someone who is located far away from you. It will surely be troublesome and wasteful to spend such money. Although you cannot do the communication directly, but when you use this technology, you will not lose the point of your communication. Those are the benefits of video conferencing.

Best Examples of 2013 Kids Programming

Best Examples of 2013 Kids Programming

Sep 10, 2013

Kids programming is something that is developed quite well nowadays. It is not only proven by the fact that it gains more and more fames among kids. It is also proven by the availability of more and more programming choices which are designed very especially for kids. If you think that programming is something too complicated for the children, you should get rid of such thought immediately. This recent time is really close to the technology development especially programming. If you let your kids deal with programming, it will be great later on. In the year of 2013, there are some programming options which, even if they are already released some time ago, are still popular among nowadays kids. Here are two examples of those programming. For parents, this information is certainly beneficial to know because it can give them inspiration about how to make their kids gain more abilities other than their academic abilities.

The first famous example of kids programming is the one released officially by a company, which is certainly also popular among kids, Lego. The programming meant here is called as Mindstorms. The programming is certainly best in quality. First of all, it lets kids to learn about some skills to design a robot, a Lego robot to be more specific. Of course, in the first trial, the design is not that complicated and sophisticated. After learning about creating the design and being able to create the design on their own, there is another good thing that they can get because of the programming, i.e. they will be able to create their own robots for real from the designs they create previously.

Other kids programming example which is also worth it to try is Scratch. Unlike Lego Mindstorms which is so full of science, this one is stronger in its attractive and interactive value. If the previous programming let kids to be able to create robots, this one makes them to be able to create some interactive items such as stories, games, animation, music, and some sort of things. For kids, being able to create such stuff is certainly a good achievement that should be appreciated.