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Kinect Application to Help You Understand Sign Language

Kinect Application to Help You Understand Sign Language

Dec 29, 2013

What makes a deaf person with the other different is the way they speak their language. This difference often lead people into misunderstanding that is definitely annoying for both parties since not every person understand their language, which is commonly called as sign language. The worst is misunderstanding then will create segregation between deaf people with the others. Some people might don’t even want to talk to them, moreover try to understand their language. Due to this worrying fact, Microsoft lately created an application called Kinect application as the solution for this problem.

Kinect application enables people to understand sign language and it also enables deaf people to understand spoken languages. Kinect is a translator which can convert signs into written and spoken language and the vice versa because it can understand many sign language gestures. This application is created by Microsoft with collaboration with some Chinese researches. Microsoft said that this app was originally created for gaming. But then the team developed it into more useful software for people to understand sign language. Since this software can translate sign into written and spoken and the vice versa, surely it will be useful both for them who are deaf and them who can hear. There won’t be any misunderstanding between deaf people and them who can hear anymore.

Kinect Application

How does Kinect application works? It works using a sensor that enables to read the movements and body positions of the users and the computer will translate it into accurate commands. To operate it, you should install kinect camera in your computer. Kinect camera is the only camera application that can recognize sign language gestures. It will translate the signs into the written and spoken language for people who are able to hear and the vice versa. What people speak or write will be converted into accurate and understandable signs for them who are deaf.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2: A Powerful Windows 8.1 Machine

Microsoft Surface Pro 2: A Powerful Windows 8.1 Machine

Dec 17, 2013

Recently, the production of tablets running in Windows 8 is getting massive. Considering this condition, Microsoft does not want to lose the opportunity to compete with the other Windows 8 tablet brands and manufacturer. It can be seen from their new tablet which is named Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Their Pro 2 is considered a powerful device which runs in Windows 8.1.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft Pro 2 has various excellences compared to other tablets running in Window 8. Pro 2 uses improved battery which can stand 12-15 hours. Microsoft states that 75% battery can yield 7 hours nonstop of operation. It means the user does not required to recharge the battery every 8 hours like the other devices. The body is designed following the vintage tablet design. It is very impressive since it is made from solid magnesium which is very tough and solid. Pro 2 is considered a powerful Windows 8.1 machine since it can work better than the other Windows 8 devices. The manufacturer also claims that Pro 2 uses technology which supports fast data transfer and process without any threatening problems. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 appears with 10.6-inch LCD screen with high sensitivity. The screen resolution is about 1920 x 1080 pixels. In fact, Microsoft claims that Pro 2 screen can support up to 3840 x 2160 pixels for external resolution. Microsoft Pro 2 tablet runs in the latest Intel’s Haswell Chip Core i5 and Windows 8.1. The Haswell Chip from Intel can upgrade the speed and enhance the battery life of the Pro 2. Considerably, Microsoft also provides some supporting accessories for their latest tablet running in Windows 8.1. They are kickstand and physical keyboard. The kickstand itself is upgraded from the previous type. The new kickstand designed for Microsoft Surface Pro 2 can be adjusted in 2 different positions. More slouched position and standing position are available. Pro 2 is a great and modern tablet to have. However, this tablet seems quite heavy for hand carry. Besides, it is quite expensive as well for a portable tablet. The price offered for a Pro 2 device start from $899.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 can be considered a sophisticated device to have in 2013-2014. This gadget shows sophisticated technology which can support people’s daily need of technology. Windows 8.1 running in Pro 2 seems very compatible for everybody who wants to have better life, communication, and easier job. In short, this gadget will make it a lot much simpler for us to take care of the matters of our lives. Pro 2 is designed to fulfill people’s need of hand carried technology which is easy and fast to operate and process the data, both input and output.

Best Accessories You Should Grab for Your Tablet Computer

Best Accessories You Should Grab for Your Tablet Computer

Dec 3, 2013

As an example of mobile computer devices, tablet computer is the one that can be said to be most common at this point of time. This is statement given based on the fact that there are more and more people who turn to this computing device instead of others, especially because of its flexibility, function, and also portability. If this device is the one that you choose also, you have to know that there are in fact some best accessories that you should grab in order to make your tablet to be even more useful and functional. Here are some of the examples.

The first best accessory for your tablet computer is stylus. When you purchase the tablet for the very first time, you may not think that this accessory is needed because you can simply use your finger touch in order to operate the tablet. Although it is so, this thing is in fact something that will create more convenient for you as the users of tablet. Of course, it is not merely about the ease in taking note with your tablet as the medium. It is also about the fact that the stylus can be sued to draw easier using drawing software in your tablet. The last but not least, stylus is also the one that can keep the screen of your tablet away from dirty impression because of lots of finger prints on it.

The next example of tablet computer accessories that you should also grab is docking station. This is the one that is usually completed with build-in keyboard that will of course be very helpful in typing. For you whose job is related to typing a lot, this will certainly be a perfect accessory that will enable you to type comfortably anywhere. For you to remember, it is so much better for you to choose a docking station that is in the same brand with your tablet to make it compatible the most.