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Top US Cellphone Carriers for Iphone

Top US Cellphone Carriers for Iphone

Aug 3, 2015

Today, every other person in US either carries an iPhone or a smartphone. It is the need of the day and there is nothing wrong in it. However, if you are not choosing the right carrier or the right plan for your mobile set, you will end up paying more than what you should. So let’s check out some of the best plans available for the iPhone users.

There was a time when Verizon, AT &T, Sprint and T-Mobile, the major iPhone carriers used to charge a fixed rate for the usage and the charges were surely quite high. Things have changed in the recent times with companies offering cost worthy plans to its users. Now, take a look at the mobile carriers for iPhone.

  • Verizon


Among the Big four companies, Verizon has the largest network. However, due to the cost that it carries, many prefer not using the service. It is a CDMA network and is compatible to iPhone. For iPhone users who purchase the phone with two years connection contract, the monthly rate is around $87.08. This is an addition of the monthly rental with 2 GB data usage and instalment of the phone.

  • AT&T


AT&T is another large mobile carrier network of US with all over presence. You can purchase an iPhone with the contract of AT&T and you will have to pay $86.67. The facility here is that you get 3GB of data instead of 2GB that is common with Verizon. In practice, this is a GSM based network.

  • T-Mobile


T-Mobile is known as one of the most user friendly mobile carriers in USA which offers great plans for the users. T Mobile customer service is also the best in the regions of US and thus people prefer taking their services. Currently, the company has announced plans that would allow people call without border, which means there will be no extra charge for calling Canada and Mexico from 15th July. As far as the monthly cost of T mobile usage is concerned, it comes to around $72.08. This is also quite low compared to other mobile services. You get 2GB of mobile data at that price.

  • Sprint


Sprint is another service provider for iPhone. The company has not been doing much good for some time now and it is trying hard to gain back its lost ground. Sprint offers unlimited text and data for $50 only which is quite low compared to the top two network carriers. The total cost comes at $77.06 for the 2 years contract. However, the company has lost millions of customers to T Mobile which is slowing climbing up the ladder.

For any company that offers iPhone with its network plans, it is important to make sure that customers are benefitted in one way or other. Either the network quality has to be best or the rates have to be cheap. Apart from that the customer service also plays a major role. T Mobile customer service is doing quite good in this respect. This may be one of the reasons of people shifting to the company while the top two still rules the smartphone industry in US.

What is the Google Firefox Plugin?

What is the Google Firefox Plugin?

Aug 3, 2015

The Google Firefox Plugin is a Plugin that ensures that your Firefox browser is getting all the Google Plugin updates regularly and is able to interact with the Google services like Google Earth, Google Chrome and others, seamlessly. Plugins are vital for smooth running of Firefox. These third party codes, known by the name of Plug-ins, enable Firefox to interact seamlessly with different proprietary formats used over the web; and Firefox can never work efficiently across all the platforms without these Plugins.

Why you need Google plugin updater


However, it is really vital to keep all the Plugins regularly updated in order to ensure the best online security of the user. Out dated plugins make your system vulnerable towards security threats and can compromise your privacy online. So, ensuring that you are using only the updated versions of all the plugins is quite vital.

In this regard, to ensure that the users are using only the updated Plugins of Google in their Firefox browser the Current Version Plugin Google Update has been designed and distributed. This Plugin updater is automatically installed in your Firefox while updating any Google product. The sole purpose of this updater is to ensure that you are getting the regular Google Plugin updates and there is no troubleshooting with the Google Plugins.

How the Plugin update works


In case your Firefox browser is using an outdated plugin, the latest updater will notify you instantly and facilitate the process of updating the specific plugin, so that you can have a seamless experience of interacting with Google services through Firefox, and without any chance of security breach. This particular updater plug in designed by Google, is completely safe for use and it will not hamper the speed of your browser either. The Plugin will not interfere with any other software, plugin or extensions installed in your system; and will only ensure that the Google Plugins are working smoothly.

Managing the Google Updater plugin


The Updater Plugin is installed automatically in your browser while updating any Google program or Firefox itself. You actually need not to download the plugin manually or do anything on your own. The Plugin comes with default settings and will continue its work silently without notifying you. However, if you want to disable it, you can inactivate the update from the Menu options available in your browser. In case you uninstall it, the updater is sure to get back when you will update any other Google service or Firefox. Uninstalling of the updater has also resulted into some troubleshooting issues in some users. Hence keeping it in your system is recommended.

Full proof your security with current version Google Plugin


The Google update plugin continuously checks if the Google updates and plugins are secured and they are able to interact and operate smoothly along with Firefox. Hence having this updater on your browser will do no harm; rather will ensure that you are safe from online security threats, viruses and malwares. If you still have not got the latest version of this updater Plugin you need to update any Google product already installed in your system, and you will automatically get the plugin as a bundle.