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Top 6 Productivity Apps for Android

Top 6 Productivity Apps for Android

Jan 23, 2016

We already have enough articles and videos on what is android and how can we make it better to play games and movies. But one another important yet not so popular use of these tablets and smartphones is to enhance your personal and professional productivity. These gadgets when coupled with the right apps can make wonders and produce results that you will blow your mind off. Also let us not forget the perks that come along when you are the most productive employ of the company. Below is a list of 10 wonderful apps that will help you unlock the next level of productivity in you.

  • Do

This is a simple but classy planner. It allows you to plan your day and tasks for the current day and the days to come. An appealing and easy to use interface complete with the capability of syncing with other devices is what made me chose this app over thousands of other planners in the market. Although a planner, this app can be used to maintain any list you wish to, including the grocery shopping lists.

  • Bump

Honestly, I am too lazy and impatient when it comes to sharing files. Its not that I don’t like to share, but I hate searching for my removable pen drive and then starting the transfer process. And the reason I hate Bluetooth sharing is due to its slow speed. But it looks like the dev gods were hearing me and they made me a tool that did not asked me to move my lazy bum from my comfortable chair.

The app is now called BUMP. It allows you to share any photo, contact, or any other file between any 2 phones irrespective of their operating system with a nice little bump (touch) with each other. And as a result, I now love to bump my content!

  • Dropbox

The logic behind Dropbox is simple – allow you to save your photos and files on the cloud and retrieve it later on any device. This way you carry all the files with you everywhere but you still do not carry anything. The Dropbox app on android is pretty simple to use and boasts of a sleek and beautiful user interface which definitely has been developed after a lot of thought on ergonomics.

  • IMO Instant Messenger

In this era of technology, connectivity is nothing short of a vital vitamin for our body. No matter where we are and what we are doing; we prefer staying connected with our friends and family.

IMO Instant Messenger allows you to do the same thing in a lot easier way. Although this app is a bit of battery drainer, this made to the list because it allows you to connect with people over 11 popular networks simultaneously including Skype and Facebook. This means that you do not have to install and run 11 different applications because this one app will serve the purpose of all of them.

  • WhatsApp

Though WhatsApp needs no introduction, for our newandroid friends, let me cut it to the point: This is an application that lets you chat and share files with the people in your contact list using internet. The best part about this app is that that you neither need to create any account to use it and nor do you need to find people to start talking unlike other social networks and instant messengers. Another reason to install WhatsApp is that it is a cross-platform app which means that a person using WhatsApp on an android device can chat with the person using this app on his iPhone. With a sleek user interface and enough emoticons, this app surely lets you convey your messages fast and easy.

  • Gmail

What is the best thing about Gmail? It is free. What is the worst thing about Gmail? Keep thinking! Gmail app for Android allows you to send, receive and label your emails on the fly. The application is already installed in your phone when you buy it and with a few taps and swipes, you can sync all your emails and contacts. The app allows you to add more than one Gmail account on the same device and shows a notification in the notification bar when you receive an email. The app is simply amazing and easy to use and has the ability to send and receive attachments too.

The above list contains just a handful of apps that will surely contribute towards your productivity and work-flow. Hundreds of applications are launched in the play store daily and we will keep blogging about them so you can turn your tablets and smartphones into deadly productive tools.

Universal Android Root App

Universal Android Root App

Jan 15, 2016

In these years, rooting has become much sophisticated to Android devices, especially in web world. The reason is the drastic popularity acquired by the mobile platform as well as the availability of low-budget devices in market, which made normal users to explore the bays of Android. Even though the platform itself consists of many features, favouring productivity, rooting opens an extra window to the deep valleys of android, flourished with productive tools and applications. Thus, preferably it is good to get access to subdirectories of Android, commonly known as to root, if you want to make your device productive than usual. As you might know, rooting has many advantages as follows.

  • As we said before, Rooting has many root-only applications to offer.
  • Overclocking abilities
  • Custom ROM
  • Extended battery life & Performance

We know that this list of advantages will force every Android device owner to root their device and to avail these awesome features. Nevertheless, still in this techy era, most people are not confident to root their devices, due to complexities in the process. However, now you have a better solution to choose.

Universal Android App

Here, we would like to introduce ‘Universal Androot App’ to you, using which you can root many android powered device. For rooting your device, if it is in the following list, you have to install the application in your Android Smartphone, with the help of some extra file manager or installer. The list of supported Android devices is as follows.

  • Samsung Galaxy 5
  • HTC Hero (2.1)
  • HTC Tattoo (1.5)
  • Google Nexus One
  • Motorola XT701
  • Motorola XT800 (2.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Beam
  • Motorola Milestone (2.1)
  • Sony Ericsson X10
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro
  • LG GT540
  • Acer Liquid
  • Acer beTorch
  • LG Ally
  • Gigabyte GSmart G1305
  • Lenovo Lephone
  • Motorola Charm
  • Motorola Droid
  • Dell Streak
  • Vibo A688

Android devices above have been used for testing the application and hence proved compatibility. If you own, any of these devices, you can use Universal Androot for rooting your device with easiness.

  • Rooting devices with Universal Androot
  • You have to download the application, Universal Androot App 1.6.2 Beta 5
  • Connect your device with PC via USB
  • What you have downloaded is the .APK file. Now, copy that file into your SD Card of device.
  • You may disconnect the device now.

We prefer you to use Astro File Manager. You can download Astro File Manager.     Then install the application in your device, using the file manager and app installer.

  • In the home screen, you can see the Universal Androot Application icon. Click on the icon and you can see messages like in the following image.
  • As you can see, you can use this application to root and unroot your device. We guess, it is a much simple process.

Don’t you feel this the option is much easy? Even though it has less support for devices, the App can help newbies, indeed!

Three New Ways Technology Can Help You Can Keep Your Gun Safe

It often seems like stories about gun safety make the news every day. This is even more common during election periods when every politician in the world suddenly wants to make a stand or after a heartbreaking incident occurs at a local school. Whether you have a gun tucked away in your closet, or you have a concealed carry permit and take your gun with you, you probably have some concerns regarding how you can keep your gun safe. New forms of technology can actually help you store your gun safely in your home.

Electronic Keypad

The easiest and most affordable way to keep others from accessing your gun safe or cabinet is an electronic keypad. Many safes now come with a keypad already installed, and you can also purchase a pad and install one yourself. This type of keypad allows you to pick a code that you can easily remember. Only those who know the code can access the safe and open the door. Some will even shut down after someone enters the wrong code three or more times. Once this happens, you can manually reset the code yourself.

Fingerprint Identification

Fingerprint identification is a great way to protect your home, guns and your family. This type of scanner lets you press your finger against a sensor and connect your unique print to the system. The only way anyone can open the safe is if the sensor recognizes your fingerprint. Some of these scanners will even work on a simple handgun carry case. If you need to carry your gun with you while traveling for work, you can rest assured that the case will remain safely locked until you open it. Newer sensors let you input fingerprints from other people to give them access to your guns.

Retina Scanner

While retinal scanning might seem like something from the future, it’s actually something that you can use on your gun safe. These scanners identify your eyes and the eyes of anyone else you add to the system. It can detect certain aspects about the eyes registered with its system and ban anyone not in the system from opening the case. Though retinal scanners are more expensive than some of the other systems, you can find a technology safety feature that protects your guns and fits your exact budget.