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Introducing NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Bringing the best Ti Ever

Introducing NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Bringing the best Ti Ever

Apr 15, 2017

In an event titled NVIDIA Editors Day 2017 in San Francisco, a graphics card that has been long awaited arrival finally announced officially. That is NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. This graphics card will replace the GeForce GTX 1080, and the class is intended for users who want high-performance enthusiast. The performance is 35% higher than the GTX 1080 reference specification, according to NVIDIA claims. In previous series or Graphic card built by NVidia, GTX 980 Ti is only 25% higher than the GTX 980 and GTX 780 Ti is only 18% higher than GTX 780.

The CUDA Cores Configuration in GTX 1080 Ti is quite interesting, because the same amount of Titan X Pascal (28SM, 3584 CUDA). In this case the difference is Titan X Pascal has a configuration memory with 384-bit bus width GDDR5X and 96 ROP units, while the 1080 GTX Ti only has a 352-bit, with 88 ROP units. NVIDIA has not given the GPU clockspeed details yet, but merely states that the GPU Boost clock would easily touch the 1.6 GHz (1582Mhz to be precise), and can reach 2 GHz with Overclock.

This clockspeed is able to make it even beat the Titan X Pascal. NVIDIA gave him the title of ‘The Ultimate GeForce’ because of the ability of the process is so fast. Configuration of memory bus GDDR5X with this unique number produces the amount of Video RAM 11GB, but running at speeds 10% higher than GDDR5X in GTX 1080. GTX 1080 and Titan X are equipped with a rating of 10Gbps GDDR5X (1250Mhz), whereas GDDR5X in GTX 1080 Ti uses a speed of 11 Gbps (1375Mhz).

 This 11 Gbps is made possible by the use of GDDR5X with a high rating on Micron, and and some adjustment on the part of the PCB to allow high-speed IO, also fine tuning timing from NVIDIA. By that 11 Gbps rating in 352-bit bus, GTX 1080 Ti has theoretical memory bandwidth for about 484 GB/s. it is little bit higher than Titan X that has 480 GB/s.

The GTX 1080 Ti is equipped with 7-phase power regulator. By the rating of total 250A (35A per phase) and has been claimed to give high enough overclocking headroom, this card can be forced to run at its maximum limit. This GPU is also completed with cooler reference version that claimed to give cooling performance 5 degree of Celsius lower for the same noise rating.

Keeping Accurate Books by Using the Newest Computer Technology

The old way of keeping business records is time consuming and fraught with opportunities to make mistakes.  You have to keep dozens of different documents on hand and refer to different columns, graphs, and tables to find out what information to enter into the ledgers.  You also have to know when to input it if you want your ledgers to come out balanced.

If you are not a math whiz or simply someone who gets easily distracted, you may find yourself avoiding this important business obligation.  You can keep your records updated and your ledgers balanced by using programs like a new computer bookkeeping software, a financial reporting platform, and office suites that make this task easier and faster.

Streamlined and Fast Record Keeping

You may have known that certain computer programs help you organize your books.  Programs like Excel, Access, and Word are readily available on most new computers and are simple to use as long as you understand the basics of data entry.

However, they still can lead to errors if you put in the wrong information or if you fail to save your work.  The records kept on them can also be lost if you do not back up your work or if you do not save the files once you complete them.

When you want a program that can integrate the records you have already created and fix errors that might exist in the ledgers right now, you may find that this program suits your need.  It can integrate and transfer information from your existing Office Suite programs and fix any mistakes that you made.  It can also create streamlined records that incorporate all of the tables, charts, and columns but in an easier to read layout.

Safe Storage

Another advantage with this program involves how easily it can be accessed and stored.  The records that it creates are stored in its virtual cloud.  You do not have to back up your work or save files to your desktop.  The records are stored virtually so that you can access them even if your computer malfunctions or you lose the original documents from which the information was taken.

Virtual cloud storage also lets you access your books from your mobile device like your smartphone or tablet.  You do not have to be logged in from your desktop computer if you want to review your records or send them to someone in an email.  Cloud storage is mobile and accessible from anywhere your device has data or WiFi connections.

Bookkeeping can be simpler when you use the latest technology.  You can choose the best computer programs now that include virtual cloud storage.

Factors that Can Influence Your Shopping Decisions

Factors that Can Influence Your Shopping Decisions

Apr 11, 2017

You may never have given much thought to the overall appearance, function, and price of industrial parts.  You assumed that the ones in your machines would remain functional and spare you from having to having to shop for new ones.  However, when they do finally wear out, you must know what to look for as you search for new parts like Firestone air springs, valves, hoses, and more to take their place.  You can make the best shopping decision for your business and your machines by knowing what factors to consider during the process.

Shape and Brand

Before you shop, you may find it helpful to know what the parts look like that you need to buy.  This research may involve actually taking the broken part out of the machine and exploring it at length to memorize its shape, size, and dimensions.  Once you know these details, you can then use them to guide you as you shop online.  You will know whether the part you need is round in shape or more rectangular or square.  You also will know what height to search for on the website so that you get a part that can fit in the machine without being too large or too small.

You also may want to memorize the brand of the part that is broken so that you can look for one made by the same company.  If you cannot find the same brand online, you may search for a part that has a universal fit and function.  The website shows you what manufacturers and brands the parts are compatible with before you buy them.  This information ensures that you get a part that will help your machine run smoothly instead of overheating or breaking it.


As a business owner, you may have a tight budget to abide by when shopping for new parts.  You may not want to spend too much of your cash flow on this purchase.

You can filter your search online by price when you use the price filter option on the left side of the page.  This search function lets you find machine parts that are priced in your budget.

You may not shop for industrial parts everyday, which is why you need to know key details before you go online.  You can use these factors to guide your shopping decisions.