Best Examples of 2013 Kids Programming

Kids programming is something that is developed quite well nowadays. It is not only proven by the fact that it gains more and more fames among kids. It is also proven by the availability of more and more programming choices which are designed very especially for kids. If you think that programming is something too complicated for the children, you should get rid of such thought immediately. This recent time is really close to the technology development especially programming. If you let your kids deal with programming, it will be great later on. In the year of 2013, there are some programming options which, even if they are already released some time ago, are still popular among nowadays kids. Here are two examples of those programming. For parents, this information is certainly beneficial to know because it can give them inspiration about how to make their kids gain more abilities other than their academic abilities.

The first famous example of kids programming is the one released officially by a company, which is certainly also popular among kids, Lego. The programming meant here is called as Mindstorms. The programming is certainly best in quality. First of all, it lets kids to learn about some skills to design a robot, a Lego robot to be more specific. Of course, in the first trial, the design is not that complicated and sophisticated. After learning about creating the design and being able to create the design on their own, there is another good thing that they can get because of the programming, i.e. they will be able to create their own robots for real from the designs they create previously.

Other kids programming example which is also worth it to try is Scratch. Unlike Lego Mindstorms which is so full of science, this one is stronger in its attractive and interactive value. If the previous programming let kids to be able to create robots, this one makes them to be able to create some interactive items such as stories, games, animation, music, and some sort of things. For kids, being able to create such stuff is certainly a good achievement that should be appreciated.