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Best Smartphone Design Completed with Elegant Style

Best Smartphone Design Completed with Elegant Style

Jul 3, 2017

Smartphone is as one of important device of human life for this time which smartphone design is made elegantly and luxuriously. There are some brands that become trend in 2017 which that have high quality. Samsung Galaxy s8 becomes trend in 2017. Its design is very amazing. It has fingerprint sensor location. It is as the newest smartphone technology system in 2017. Its screen size is 5.8 inches actually will make this device looks elegant.

The second one is iPhone 7 Plus. It also becomes favorite in 2017. The water resistant smartphone design becomes special characteristic of iPhone 7. It is also completed with dual cameras with high resolution. Google pixel also becomes one of smartphone design trends in 2017. The great camera and super software actually will make this device to be different with others.

Next, there is LG G6 that is completed with large screen and dual camera smartphone. It is different with OnePlus 3T that has low price but it has great spec. This smart phone is also categorized into premium build smartphone that become favorite for many people. In addition slim smartphone design is also had by Huawei P10. It is completed with Leica camera design which it will make photo pictures look so perfect. There are other options of smartphone that can be chosen if you like to adventure such as Lenovo P2 and Motorola Moto X Force.

If you like small smartphone design you can choose iPhone SE. It has small size for about 4.0 inches. It has great battery life so it is so suitable to be brought for adventure. On the other hand, if you like listening to the music HTC10 is as suitable smartphone that can be chosen. It has amazing sound feature and also amazing software.  All of them actually become mobile trends 2017 that can be used as references before buying smartphone.

Cellular Connectivity: Choose 3G or 4G?

Cellular Connectivity: Choose 3G or 4G?

Aug 7, 2016

3G or the upper G is referring to the elements of the third generation and fourth generation of cellular connectivity data. That connectivity can provide accession internet. Some of them are integrated in certain chip of phone so that it can access the internet from 3G or 4G networks. They will be eased in many ways such as in sending or receiving files, uploading or downloading files, etc. But some others have to buy plug-ins to enjoy the eases.

Good Points of 3G or 4G Cellular Connectivity

The 3G cellular connectivity enables you to access the internet up to 2Mbps. If there is 3G network in your area, you will easily access and download various kinds of games to your phone. The other phone with no 3G connectivity often cannot access animation games. You are able to make video calls and conference it. You can easily find the other one positioning by using it. By the presence of 3G connectivity, you can watch your mobile television clearly with no noise picture and bad sounds.

4G cellular connectivity slightly more sophisticated rather than the previous one. It serves best advanced data transfer. You can easily watch the stream of videos and movie with almost no buffering disturbance. 4G network will expand to more areas. If you are a businessman, it is better you use 4G cellular connectivity data compared to Wi-Fi. The security of 4G data is more secure rather than Wi-Fi. You may not worry about your privacy data and security if you use it. There are many companies offers cheap payment of 4G equipment; you can choose the fit one.

Bad Points of 3G or 4G Cellular Connectivity

The cellular connectivity need always increase every year, even every month. No matter where you are, you need this connectivity the most. Unluckily, this network may not available in certain locations all over the world. To fulfill your needs of internet facility you have to purchase 3G or 4G cellular connectivity modem and paying the data plan every month.

Top 5 Iphone Siri Alternative Android Apps

Top 5 Iphone Siri Alternative Android Apps

Mar 28, 2016

As Siri (software) was launched by Apple inc. and not by google so Android missed it but I dont think that you want to miss that and not even you want to dump your device for that reason. Isn’t that? Siri was introduced with the launch of new Iphone 4s and because of such an extra-ordinary feature it hiked the sale of Iphone 4s.This so called software ( I think more than a software) works to make communication between you and and your device much more easy than ever before.For example: If you want your gadget to have a alarm or a reminder of christmas eve on 25th DEC at 4:00PM GMT, than what all you need to do with siri is to just open your Siri app and say to the mic “remind me for christmas eve on 25 at 4:00 PM” and that all you are done. This is not the only part, you can ask your device to search for anything by just giving it a voice command and it will find that for you. Now for the one who will not be aware of this feature of Iphone 4s will be thinking to dump there Android and thinking to buy an Iphone but I dont think there is a need!

I agree to the fact that Siri is an extra ordinary feature and too dont want the Android users to become jealous for Iphone but what about having it on your Android. What you need it to just select one from the below given list and install it for free on your Tablet or phone.

  • Skyvi (Siri for Android) :

This app coming first under my list with the tag line “Got Siri jealousy,get Skyvi now!” is going to cover the maximum features of Siri for your Tablet or Phone such as you will be getting Text-to-Speech HQ and its features like Getting the Answer of your question” When was Osama killed ?”, get in chat with this app, ask for jokes, ask for funny sms, use your twitter or facebook by simple voice commands even update or tweet your Facebook or Twiiter accounts by telling what you want to type.

Moreover it bring features for business proffesionals too whose cares for time and saves there time searching the best requirement of them about local business searches, keeping an eye on there businees schedule and lot much more.The developers till now have kept in care for the speed of this application and also worked to make it a perfect match for your personality.

  • Speaktoit Assistant:

If you have this I think you have a buddy in your device for talking to you whenever you needs it.It provides you cover your full social network such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, and many others.Till not this app is powered by Ispeech and so provides you the best voice recognization. It can find maps for you, wheather reports, opening an app of your choice, currency, stock exchange, and many other are its highlighting features. The developers promises for the app being the best but I have 3 more for you..check them too.

  • Vlingo Virtual Assistant:

As till now update this app having 4.8 user rating have only a single issue -“VLINGO NOT WORKING WITH HTC REZOUND” but that too have not affected its like by its users because of its un-matchable features to Text, to call, getting direction, buying movie tickets and booking hotels etc. It works very much smooth with voice commands and follows them strictly as if you want to msg Arthur, and you need to say “Text Arthur, will he be coming to the party or not?” and its done. It makes calling more easy than ever before.

  • Voice Search :

As is powered by google inc. this app is itself a master in searching with an added feature of voice-recognization.It searches the whole web for you on the simple command of your voice and displays the best result in front of you.You can even call your contacts and control your device according to your command.”IT IS ENGLISH ENABLED TILL NOW”

  • Iris :

Last but not the least will satisfy your need in the most capable way it can do it for you. It sound a reverse for Siri but do compete with the Siri in the right direction and straight way to make you feel better with it. It will help you out in searching and finding the most relevant of the context.

There are many apps available in the market related to enable Siri on your Android but I found these 5 as the best of all and so I just thought to put my effort to make them available to you and know them better. They all are available to you for free and what for they work is to make your work more easier. These apps can be very useful for you while you are driving and want to send a text, and many more reasons why you must have one of these installed in your device.

Leaked, the Elegant Back View of Gold White Moto X 2015!

Moto X 2015In Android phone development, Moto X 2015 can be said to be the one expected by quite a lot of enthusiasts. It is not merely because the 3rd generation phone is the continuation of Moto X phone series that is predicted to be released on the Q3 of 2015. Instead, it is also about the fact that it will be available in several color themes, including the gold white theme. Yes, up to this point, if you are a fan of such android phone, you certainly want to know more about it right? Well, hold your horses. This simple article is going to tell you about the nutshell information regarding the phone.

In this recent time, there is a photo of the back view of this phone theme leaked. Yes, such photo has become some kind of a hit on the internet because some people are really curious about the phone theme and then, the leaked photo is out there. From this, it can be seen about how elegant this Moto X 2015 is. The back view is mostly dominated with white color while the gold accent is known to decorate every side of the phone and also the back camera part. Without any doubt, judging from the placement of the decoration only, we can really expect that the phone is really stunning.

Away from the leaking view, it seems this gold white Moto X 2015 will have the same specifications with the same phones in other color themes. This 5.2-inch display phone will be powered with Android Lollipop OS version 5.1.1. It will also have fascinating 16MP main camera and 5MP secondary camera located at the front. Besides, it will also be adorned with various sensor features, including accelerometer, compass, and temperature sensor for more functions in a mobile device only.

Tablet or Phone: Which One is Better?

Tablet or SmartphonePeople often confuse of having tablet or phone. Well, to be honest, both kinds of gadget are so popular nowadays. Even though the popularity of smartphone seems to be declining and is starting to get replaced by tablet but you can still find many people are still using smartphones out there. That’s why it is actually a nice thing for you to still have the interest to have smartphone. They cannot pick one of those two modern gadgets. In fact, both of them provide similar functions and specifications. Tablets are great as a secondary device. Choosing tablet or phone becomes an important thing to consider. If you want to have portable gadget for watching film or browsing the web, tablet may be better for you. Those functions are also found in laptop. However, by using tablet, you have one portable gadget, easy to bring. It is even more brilliant that most tablets have better battery life than phones. Thus, tablet is a perfect travel companion, better than phones.

This great gadget is so nice to use. It is also not so heavy, although phones are lighter than tablets. Films and games in the tablet will be your best friends in the journey. It feels awesome remembering the price of the tablets is not too expensive. However, in some conditions, phones may be better than tablets. Although the tablet provides better battery life, it is heavy compared to phones. It is easier to bring phones than tablets. Moreover, most functions of the tablet are handled well by phone. Thus, you have be brilliant in choosing tablet or phone.

For daily life needs, phones may be better. The proper size of the phone eases people to keep updating every minute every day. The similarities that are found between tablets and phones make people to prefer phone better than tablet. Since, the phone is easier to bring and to handle. Choosing phone is such choosing small tablet. One of the most distinctive things about two gadgets is the size. In last, the problem of choosing tablet or phone depends on your need. You have to understand well what you need. Thus, there will be no more confusion.

The Thinnest Android Phone in the World: Oppo R5

Oppo R5One of the most luxurious smartphones of the year is Oppo R5. So many comments are declared by people related to the specification of this smartphone. The surprising feature of the phone is its thickness. The very tiny thickness of the phone forces people to claim it as the thinnest android phone in the world. However, although the phone is super thin, specifications of the phone are great and strong. Qualcomm chipset inside the phone has 8 processors with the speed of 1.5 GHz. As a result, the phone is also claimed as the most powerful android phone.

Similar as the other product of Oppo, this R5 also equipped with VOOC Rapid Charge that shorten the charging time. It is true that almost all gadget lovers want to handle this super great phone. Micro SIM card is applied well in the phone. The card is protected by the body with the size of 148.9 × 74.5 × 4.85 mm. Bringing the phone will not be such heavy and hard. Since, it is only 155 g. you have to be happy with the internal memory which is 32 GB, because there is no external memory prepared for the phone. The memory will keep the phone applications which are shown very clear in the AMOLED 5.2 Inch Full HD touch screen. Unfortunately, the screen of the Oppo R5 is not completed with the Gorilla Glass. you have to protect the screen with the screen guard.

The cameras of the Oppo R5 phone are also fabulous. The front one is enough with the 5 MP camera, while the back camera is so much greater with 13 MP Sony Exmor Camera. Both cameras are able to take picture in darkness. Making videos with the cameras will also result a high quality video. The Li-Po 2000 mAh will accompany you to run the phone. This kind of battery is more than enough in providing the power source for your smartphone. Even though the capacity of the battery is not really that big but you can find that it is actually enough to make sure you can enjoy using your smartphone properly.