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Guide on How a Person Can Send Videos on Kik App

Guide on How a Person Can Send Videos on Kik App

Mar 28, 2017

There are many reasons for which Kik messenger is giving tough competition to its competitors like WhatsApp, Viber and many others. Due to the amazing features it offers, it has become very popular among people across the globe.

One reason for which it is used and appreciated by many is the online security it provides to its users, by allowing them to sign up on Kik without providing their phone numbers. Almost all the messaging app available in the market, do require your phone number and other personal details to complete the registration process.

Kik Features


Through this instant messaging app, you can send messages to your Kik friends and can also enjoy the real-time online chat. The most amazing part is you don’t need to pay a single penny for using this app. Your phone only needs a wifi connection or enabled data within your phone to share messages and files.

Through this app, you can send pictures, videos, voice recordings and various other media files with your friends. It allows you to group chat with people. By synchronizing your Kik account with your other social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can connect with a number of people and can explore a totally new online world.

Sending video files


Many people are unaware of the fact that sending videos through Kik is really simple and uncomplicated, you just need to know the correct methods and you are all set to share video files with your dear ones through your Kik account. There are some easy methods which you can follow to send video messages from your Kik account.

Using YouTube


Yes, you can use your YouTube account to send a video message with your favourite person or a bunch of people having a Kik id and added on your Kik account. Once you are ready with your video message, make sure you have an active YouTube account to share the video file with your Kik friends.

Send Videos more easily


You will be glad to know that you can send video files from your Kik id without the involvement of any third party and that means with a lot more ease. You can send a previously recorded as well as instantly made video on Kik.

Open the chat box of that Kik friend to whom you want to send the video file, go to the Gallery option by tapping it, to find a recorded video. To take a video at the moment, you can go to the camera option, tap it and hold the button while recording the video.

Then you can simply release the hold button to send an instantly made video and for a recorded video, you can press the send option available to the right.



You may not always want to share a lengthy video and hence Kik offers you an “Edit Video” option so that you can cut off the unnecessary part of your video and make it shorter before sending it. After clicking on the “Edit video” option, you can suitably use the yellow bars by dragging them for shortening the video and can tap “Use” to send Kik videos.

It is very important for smartphone users to keep their downloaded apps updated to make the best use of them for online communication. With the older version of Kik, it wasn’t possible to send the video files, but an updated version of it has made sending video files possible for you, so don’t wait and update it, if you are still using its older version.

Programming Basics Concepts for Beginners

Programming Basics Concepts for Beginners

Jan 21, 2017

Learning about the programming basics is a good start to learn programming. Basically, the definition of programming refers to the creation of set of instruction in order to complete specific tasks. When you borrow this definition, then your basic daily activities are also described as programmatic. Your activities involve specific steps that follow a set of order. Let’s see some examples. After you wake up and feel hungry, you want to make peanut butter sandwich. So, to make this sandwich you have to go through a process. First, you must get slices of bread and peanut butter. Then, you need to spread the peanut butter on the bread and then put the bread together. That’s actually a programming because it involves some elements and a process to achieve something.


Just like in your every day’s lives, a program requires correct steps and correct order. Steps alone without correct order are nothing because the program will not be able to run or not run properly. In this case, you can understand a program as recipe. That’s why a program can also be very helpful to replicate a product when the original product’s creator is far away. However, program is not only about replicating but also mastering the programmatic behaviors and processed. And when it comes to the programming basics concepts, there are three most common structures and concepts.


The first concept in programming basics is Sequence of Commands. It means that the right commands have to be in the right order. The sequence is often known as task order. Correct sequence in important to make sure the program can run properly. However, there are also some procedures that don’t have the right task order. The next concept is Conditional Structures. It means that the program only knows true or false and yes or no. It is never something between. That’s why most of the structures involve the word “if”, “then” and “else”.


The third and last concept is known as Looping structures. It refers to list of instructions that ask the program to make repetition. This is often used to make the computers repeat sequence of commands or command. It can run for multiple times until certain condition exists. Obvious example can be seen in the One Potato game. This game involves repeated rhyme as many times as required. Learning the programming basics is not easy as expected though. It requires patient, consistency.

Tips to Master Programming Faster – 4 Effective Ways

Tips to Master Programming Faster – 4 Effective Ways

Nov 22, 2016

Improving your skill in programming requires more practical experiences. Programming is not something you can learn by only reading. You need to do practicing and implementing the best tips to master programming faster.  Remember that you cannot master programming within only one day. It requires days, months and even years to be really good at it. So, the whole time, you have to consistent in learning and practicing. But all the hard works will be paid off with good career ahead. The demand for this tech career has been and will always be increasing from time to time.

The number one on tips to master programming faster is to look at example code. If reading requires you to read the words, programming requires you to look at the codes. The first time you learn programming, you have to look at the codes to try to understand the use of the code. The more samples you see the better it is because then you have more knowledge. And it will also be very helpful when you need to create code.

Once you have taken a look at the example codes, the next thing you must do is to run the code. It’s no use memorizing the code without practicing. Therefore, you have to type the code into the compiler. Make sure you don’t only copying it but writing it by yourself. It will help you to memorize it faster and to pay attention to language’s syntax as well. Once you have successfully run it, continue by changing it. Do some experiment and see what will change when you change the code. Curiosity will bring you to a whole new level.

The next on the tips to master programming faster is to write your own code. Do this as soon as possible once you have understood the language. You can start by making a small program. The simplest the better it is. As you have improved your skill, continue by making bigger program. The key is to always challenge yourself to make a new and more difficult program. And, you have to learn using a debugger. Good debugging techniques will help you to learn creating a program.

Now that you have your skill improved, you must continue seeking out more sources about a program or coding that you haven’t understood yet. Don’t hesitate to ask to expert or more skilled programmers. And once you have applied these tips to master programming faster, your skill in programming will be much improved.

Best Android Apps – 7 Must-Install Apps for Android Users

Best Android Apps – 7 Must-Install Apps for Android Users

Mar 11, 2016

Thanks to the open source nature of Android, you can access millions of apps from the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market). Because of the customization features available on Android, many people are purchasing Android phones. However, since so many apps are available in Google Play Store, finding suitable apps for your phone can be a daunting task. So, to make your work easy, here are some of the must-install Apps for Android Users.

Best android apps

  1. Dolphin Browser

Having a good and easy to use browser can greatly enhance your internet browsing experience. It takes around 8 seconds to load heavy web pages. It allows you to quickly access your favorite websites by using customized gestures. You can access all your Google bookmarks through it.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best ways to make notes quickly on your Android. Through it, you can also capture website clippings. You can add photos to your notes. Whenever you find something noteworthy, you can simply start Evernote app and make note of it. The notes that you make on your Evernote can be accessed on computer or other device that has Evernote installed on it.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services that can be accessed across various platforms like Android, Windows, and Linux. You can store all your important files on the online storage folder of Dropbox. The files you add on Dropbox can be accessed through any device installed with Dropbox.

  1. IMO Chat

IMO Chat is a multi-protocol chatting app that offers intuitive interface to login into your various IM accounts. It allows you to access widely used IM services like AIM, Jabber, Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, and Skype. You do not need to register on IMO chat to access your multiple IM services. You can also send files and voice IMs to your contacts.

  1. LastFM

This is an awesome app for music lovers. It allows you to search music and events of your favorite artists. It helps in creating a perfect playlist of songs from a particular artist or genre. It has got an enormous database through which you can learn more about your favorite artists.

  1. TweetDeck

It is one of the best social networking apps that lets you easily update status and view notifications. It not only allows you to use Twitter but also lets you easily access your other social profiles on sites like Facebook, FourSquare and Buzz. It makes it possible to use various social networking services under one roof.

  1. Amazon Kindle

If you love reading ebooks or magazines, you should install the Amazon Kindle app on your Android device. Kindle gives you access to thousands of ebooks for free. It has got an inbuilt dictionary. For better reading experience, you can choose a customized font size, increase the brightness of the display, and make some other setting changes.

A Professional Website for Your Business

A Professional Website for Your Business

Jul 23, 2014

An Expansion That can Payoff

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with different ideas that can take your company in a different direction, which is meant to create profits. If you are thinking about doing something a little different, you can implement an online website for your company. With the help of online marketing, you will be able to create another form of income for your business. Make sure that you choose a website design package that will fit the layout of your company and that can fit your budget.

Designing Your Professional Website

Although it may seem hard to come up with exquisite, unique designs for your website, rest assured that you can use the expertise of professional designers. You can even leave the entire project in their hands. Just remember to manage any important designs or features that are essential to the everyday business of your company. However, if you do feel confident to design the entire layout yourself, you can also go this route.

Your Website and Online Store

In order to maximize your new website, it is vital that you also create an online store. By doing this, you are able to complement your new project. You will also give your customers a convenient way to shop for your products or services. Your main goal is to make the entire checkout process fast and easy. These types of features will have your customers coming back to your online store on a regular basis. You can have the peace of mind knowing that the checkout process is also secure, which means that it is safe from hackers.

Marketing Your Website is Essential

Although your website will bring you new customers, you still have to find a way to market your new addition. Companies that offer web hosting can also help you market your website. Alternatives that may be used can include the use of social media outlets, which is perfect to stay in constant contact with your customers. Another useful method is SEO. By ranking your company to come out on top of the customer’s search results, which are determined by keywords, you will be able to get an increase of visits to your website.

Top Software from to Make Web Development through PHP Become Easier

PHP Web DevelopmentTrue, there are so many ways that can be done in order to create and develop a website. One of the most common ways to do is through PHP. We are not going to talk about how to develop a website by using PHP method. Instead, we are going to talk about how to make such thing become a lot much easier. For the programmers, PHP is not an unfamiliar thing anymore. They should be dealing with such matter every day and they even make money by dealing with it.

For the common people, PHP might be something horrifying. It is because there will be so many codes which look like alien language. This is where the PHP is often claimed to be so complicated. To be honest, even for the programmers, they can still face difficulties to cope with such matter. That is why to deal with web development by using this method is categorized to be complicated enough and it is more than just enough to make our mind blown away. However, since the result is so promising later on, this method is still done over and over again. But, what about the troublesome facts and situations that will happen whenever we are trying to cope with the PHP along with its script? To be honest, there is a great way to handle such situation. You will find that things can be a lot much easier and simpler to handle if you have known the secret. And yes, you are going to learn about the secret here. Thus, if you want to handle web development by using PHP method and you want to have it in a lot much simpler way, you should carry on reading.

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