Do You Want to Have a Website? Own Domain Names and Hosting First

Web Hosting ServiceIt is not a secret anymore that there are basically two things you need to prepare whenever you want to own a website. The first is the domain names. And the second is hosting service. If you are not really that familiar with those things since it is the first time for you to own a website, carry on reading so you can learn more about it. The first is about the domain names. Domain names refer to the names of your website later on. Take the example of,, and there are still many other countless alternatives for the domain names for you. The function of the domain names is to make your website become distinctive. You can assume that the domain names are like your address in the virtual world. The people can give your website a visit if they know your domain names. For addition, if you are going to use your website to earn some money online, the domain names can also act as the branding of your website or business. That way the names should be attractive, easy to remember, simple, and surely marketable. And you need to notice that the extensions of the domain names can also be highly varied too. The most common ones are .com and .net.

Then, what about the hosting service? Hosting service is like the service to provide database of your website. Everything you install on your website will be stored in the database of your hosting. Take the example of how you use WordPress as the platform of your website. You will find that the installation will be stored in the hosting. The hosting will also handle the bandwidth of the website too. You can say that the hosting service is like the place where you can deal with your business while the domain names are the names of your business. Of course, those things are related to each other. You cannot run a website with domain name only or hosting only. You need to have both. And thus, you should have the right service to cope with such matter.

You must find the service which can provide hosting domain names and make sure the quality is proper enough. And it is also good to find the right service to provide the great registrar for your domain name by considering your server. Take the example of how your server is in Canada, then, you can get Canadian domain names. Such matter should also be done to your hosting service too. You can choose the one located in your area or at least your country. That way you can find everything a lot much more comfortable for you in case you have some trouble with your domain names and your hosting.