Doing Some Home Work for the Move

Of course I have never been to this part of Texas, but it is not as though I can refuse the offer that my boss has made me. If I was currently married it would be a more complicated situation, but since I broke up Ida the only thing that matters is how this effects me. In essence it is a pretty simple choice. I relocated to the other site of the state, get a nice pay raise and moving expenses or alternatively I can start looking for a new job. I am going to visit site where they tell you about this part of the state, specific stuff like which power companies you can choose from and what the options are for cable tv and internet services. It is just as well for me that I let Ida keep the house, along with the house payments. If I owned the house that would be a big fat complication. As it was the judge told her she had to compensate me for what I had put into it. In fact I have to admit that my lawyer did a really good job of getting me out of it in good financial shape.

The good thing is that I am going to be able to find a house and pay for it pretty easily. In this part of Texas what I have would not go that far, but this is out in the hinterlands of the state and you can buy a big piece of land for what an acre would cost you in the part of the city where the house I used to live is located at. That is something I am thinking hard about, maybe I get an old trailer and live in it while I build a little place.