How to Secure Your Mobile Computing Devices

Mobile Computing DevicesMobile computing now becomes popular among the programmer and software user. This activity enables you to do computing from anywhere you are. With the help of mobile computing devices, you can do mobile computing easily. Many people have done this activity because it gives them many benefits such as it is unprotected so they can do whatever they like to their data, it is also portable so the devices can be brought to wherever they go, and it has a huge amount of data storage. Seeing this benefits, you are may be tempted to try this mobile computing. But, you may face the problem if you don’t do it right. Because this activity enables you to access the data from other services, so someday you may find your data are accessed or stolen by the other people the way you do it to the other.

If you decide to do mobile computing, you have to do it right according the standard procedure. It will be useful to protect your data in your computer. The first thing you have to do is that you have to make sure that your laptop r computer that you use to store your data should be enrolled in ITS (Information Technology Services) SWDE (Stanford Whole Disk Encryption) service so you can know whether your devices are approved or not. Then, make sure that you never jailbroken or rooted your mobile computing devices.

Now, what you have to do to your mobile computing devices is put your name in your devices. This will make you easy to access your computing activity. To prevent the other from accessing your data, you have to configure a password. Setting idle timeout is also important to lock the devices when you are not using it. When you do mobile computing, you have to update your software regularly. This updating activity will prevent the other people from attacking your data. Remember, never root or jailbreak your devices when you commit to do mobile computing. Rooting and jailbreaking will remove protection of your data. To avoid malware, only download applications from trusted stores such as Apple store, Amazon App Store, or Google Play. The random stores often include malware in the software. To maintain and configure your privacy or security setting, you have to enroll the devices in certain environment and a service which is equivalent with Find My Iphone service for iphone. The last step you should do is to make sure that your devices encrypt the data with hardware encryption. If you do this guidelines, your data will be secured.