Kinect Application to Help You Understand Sign Language

What makes a deaf person with the other different is the way they speak their language. This difference often lead people into misunderstanding that is definitely annoying for both parties since not every person understand their language, which is commonly called as sign language. The worst is misunderstanding then will create segregation between deaf people with the others. Some people might don’t even want to talk to them, moreover try to understand their language. Due to this worrying fact, Microsoft lately created an application called Kinect application as the solution for this problem.

Kinect application enables people to understand sign language and it also enables deaf people to understand spoken languages. Kinect is a translator which can convert signs into written and spoken language and the vice versa because it can understand many sign language gestures. This application is created by Microsoft with collaboration with some Chinese researches. Microsoft said that this app was originally created for gaming. But then the team developed it into more useful software for people to understand sign language. Since this software can translate sign into written and spoken and the vice versa, surely it will be useful both for them who are deaf and them who can hear. There won’t be any misunderstanding between deaf people and them who can hear anymore.

Kinect Application

How does Kinect application works? It works using a sensor that enables to read the movements and body positions of the users and the computer will translate it into accurate commands. To operate it, you should install kinect camera in your computer. Kinect camera is the only camera application that can recognize sign language gestures. It will translate the signs into the written and spoken language for people who are able to hear and the vice versa. What people speak or write will be converted into accurate and understandable signs for them who are deaf.

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