Modern UI Firefox Apps for Windows 8 is Delayed Again

Mozilla FirefoxFor you who are using the new Windows 8 on your computer or laptop, maybe you are really waiting for this new Mozilla Firefox application for Windows 8. However, it seems a bit lacks of preparation or something so make the team finally delays the launch of this new Modern UI Firefox apps for Windows 8. Actually, it has been announced nearly two years ago, about in February 2012 that then the Modern UI interface is expected to be launched together with the Firefox 28 in the March 18th release. However, it has been delayed again since the team needs more time to iron out the bugs.

Actually, the long development of this new Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8’s Modern UI has been seen in the nightly channel in last February 2013. And the Aurora beta channel then back in September. Mozilla actually has made a target for the new Firefox 27 as a launch for the Modern version, but there are more issues that discovered in the beta phase that then it made the target has pushed back. As the replacement, then Mozilla wants to make the Firefox 28 and the Modern version to be launched on the last March but then it is delayed again into the beginning of 2014. The new web browser will come as the replacement for the Internet explorer in the Modern UI. It comes with the snapped views, swipe gestures, Firefox Sync and Share Charm integration. This new browser is powered by Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine that actually is the same one that is used for the desktop version of this browser, and also it supports WebGL, as the hardware that accelerated HTML 5, H.264 and WebM.

As it explained before that the Modern UI version of Firefox has delayed for several times. It first announced on February 2012 and expected to be released on March. However, because of several problems or lacks, then it is delayed until the beginning of the new year of 2014. As well as the delay for this Modern UI version of Firefox, Mozilla also has pushed back the entire Firefox release schedule by about two week later so that the employees can have much more time in working and finishing the new web browser. Then, if it is said to be released on this January 21, it means we will see the next version of this Mozilla Firefox two weeks later that is on February 4. Be patient guys for waiting something that should be sophisticated for your Windows 8.