New Lenovo N308, All-in-One Android Home Computer by Lenovo

Lenovo N308Every day we are easy to find new gadgets. By using gadget we will be able to do all things in easy way. There are so many types of gadget. When we talk about the most important gadget for our life and business most people will answer that they need computer. We can find some brands of computer and each of computers will be made with different specification and features. For all of you who are looking for new and latest home computer that is offered with best features, you can choose to buy Lenovo N308 as the best choice. This new product from Lenovo is called as all in one home computer that will help you to do all activities in very easy way. What makes this new product from Lenovo is recommended for you? You can check detail information about this gadget now.

Lenovo N308 as 19,5’’ android home computer that will be able to combine some apps in big HD screen and there is infrared touchscreen technology too that you can see in this gadget. When we talk about the processor of this computer we can find Nvidia Tegra with quad core ARM processor. It is better processor for modern computer and all people never need to wait and waste their time to do some activities in the same time with this computer. There is 500 GB HDD too that will help you to store all things that you need. The battery life that is offered in this new gadget is perfect too. This gadget will become best partner for you from Lenovo. As we know Lenovo is now known as one of companies that try to become competitor for some other big brands such as Samsung, Sony and some other brands. How about operation system that is used in this computer? This computer will be completed with Android 4.2.2 and by using this operation system, you can get and install more than 800,000 android apps that you need. You just need to search all apps that you like from Google Play Store and then choose apps that you need such as books, movies, music and some other things.

Lenovo N308 is offered with gravity sensor that will detect your motion when you play game by using this device. It is thin gadget for you and there is 6 in one card reader, webcam, and also bluetooth that you can use in this computer. This new product from Lenovo can be chosen as best home pc for you. How much money that you need to get this home pc? You can get it after pay $449,00.