Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking your Iphone

Jailbreak iPhoneHaving an iphone without fun apps may be so boring. Apple has a strict guidelines for every app to be included in their apple store. Not every developer can get approval from Apple because it is hard to fulfill the requirement. But, when you want to install many applications but your iphone says that it cannot approve the applications while your friend’s iphone can, the problem must be in your iphone. How do you feel when you are in that situation? Upset? Bored? Fed up? Or worse, you don’t know what to do so just want to throw away your iphone? Well, you have to know the core of your problem first before you decide what to do. If an iphone doesn’t approve any application to be installed in it, it means that’s the time when you need to jailbreak your iphone.

It will be great if you can install any application in your iphone after you jailbreak it. But, before you jailbreak your iphone, you better get to know pros and cons first. Jailbreaking iphone will bring many advantages and disadvantages as well. The most obvious pros of jailbreaking iphone is that you can install any application which is unapproved before. Some iphone even cannot do facetime before being jailbroken. This is also one of many pros you will get if you jailbreak your apple iphone. Besides the difficulty in installing some unapproved applications, another problem you might face is when you want to change your provider and your iphone is in unlock mode. This problem can be solved also by jealbreaking your iphone. To unlock an iphone, you need to jailbreak it first. After jailbreaking, you can unlock it and you won’t be tied to a certain provider. In other words, jailbreaking your iphone will enable you to have an access to all file system and setting toggles.

The pros of jailbreaking your iphone is maybe all what you want. But, hold on, now you have to know the cons of this process. The first thing you should pay attention to is about the safety issue. After you jailbreak your iphone, it means that your iphone has free access to other stores. Apple is not responsible for the security of application you install from the other stores. So, be careful when you are about to install any application. The second con is the failure of jailbreaking process will make your iphone get iBrick. You won’t be able to use your iphone anymore if you get iBrick. The other cons are that you will spend much for telephone bill because the data usage is bigger and battery will easily decrease after jailbreaking.