Protecting Your Company and Customer Data

If you’ve been in business for any length of time chances are you’ve generated a lot of data. Product info, employee records, financials, even customer info. A lot of this data is very valuable to cybercriminals. Are you protected? If not, why? Don’t want to spend the time or money? Think it can’t happen to you? I bet Target never thought it would happen to them either. Now they are facing a PR nightmare-over 70 million customer credit card numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers have been stolen. Then there’s Sony, who were left red-faced after being hacked not once, but twice. Let’s not forget the Associated Press and New York Times, who were also brought down by hackers. Yes, it could very well happen to you. Check out for more info on how the right software can protect you and your customers.

If your data is compromised, the results could be devastating. Trade secrets could be leaked, bank accounts drained, and customers left infuriated. Do you really want to have to tell them their credit card numbers are in the hands of cybercriminals? Any trust and loyalty your customers had in you will be destroyed. You’ll lose them-and that means you’ll lose revenue. You could also find yourself facing heavy fines and punishment from the major credit card companies. If your trade secrets or upcoming product info ends up being leaked, you may lose any edge you had with your competitors, and all the hard work and money you put into product development could go right down the drain.

As you can see, not taking steps to protect your data can be far more costly than what it will take to implement a solid security solution on your company’s network. Don’t wait another minute.