Rooting Your Phone: Should You?

You may have heard about rooting your phone, especially if you have an Android device. Rooting simply means taking control of your phone. When you buy it, it’s generally filled with software installed by the manufacturer and/or your cellular provider, and much of it isn’t possible to remove. If you root your phone, now you can. Rooting is not generally difficult at all, but it should be done very carefully. Don’t even attempt it without thoroughly reading the directions several times.

Once your phone is rooted you can also install custom ROMS. These are basically specially customized versions of your phone’s OS.  Some ROMS will save you space by having all unnecessary applications, known as bloat ware, and some have specially designed graphic interfaces and let you use truly unique icons. Custom ROMS can even make your phone perform better. Installing a custom ROM is a bit more involved than simply rooting, but if you read the directions thoroughly and proceed slowly, you’ll be fine. The key is to go slow and read all the info carefully before and during the procedure. Failure to do this could turn your phone into a paperweight Be sure to back up your data first in case something goes wrong or you decide to get a new phone. Hopefully nothing bad will happen, but if it does, check out for great deals on a new or used phone.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of rooting and/or installing a custom ROM, but you want to customize your phone, don’t worry. There are a wide variety of launchers available that can give your phone a whole new and personalized look, as well as icon packs and for some phones, font packs, and of course there’s a huge selection of wallpapers and gadgets that also help make your phone unique.

Got an iOS device? You’re in luck. You can root your phone too. In the iOS world it’s called jail breaking but it’s basically the same thing, and the only way you can truly customize an iPhone. The only drawback is that when a new iOS version isr released, it will undo the jailbreak and you’ll have to wait for the jailbreak to be created for it. This doesn’t usually take too long though.

If you’re interested in having a truly customized phone and don’t mind getting a little technical, give rooting or jailbreaking a try. Just make sure to go slow and read the directions carefully!