Siri for Android: Is It True?

Siri for AndroidIn the field of smartphone, there are two major names: Android and iOs. The competition between those two operating systems on smartphone platform is getting fiercer every day. Each platform and the operating system have their own greatness. Take the example of how Android can be said to have more free applications whereas iOs demands the users to pay some money to own the applications even though there are still some other free apps.

However, iOs has something which is not owned by Android. Yes, we are talking about Siri. Siri is a kind of installed application that you will find if you are using iOs. Siri is like an assistant for you to use your handheld. It is like artificial intelligence that will make everything easier for you to use the gadget. If you cannot imagine about how Siri works, you can take a look at the Iron Man movie. There are so many scenes where Tony Stark is talking to invisible man called Jarvis. Jarvis is similar to Siri because the physical appearance does not exist but it can help the users to operate the gadget. And the operation of Siri can be done through your voice. Yes, you do not need to type the commands. Siri will recognize your voice and translate it into certain commands. It is totally practical. Without any doubt Siri becomes the highlight of iOs and the gadgets from Apple.

Nevertheless, there is a rumor which says that Siri for Android will be launched soon. If it is true, then, Apple with its iOs needs to be more aware. Perhaps, in the future, Apple should provide the applications for free at least for most of the apps. That way Apple can stay in the competition with Android. It is believed that the competition between those two operating systems on smartphone platform will be even stricter. Well, as long as the competition is healthy, it is fine. After all, the users or customers are the ones who will feel the benefits of the competition result. Let’s just see what kind of innovation will be done by Android and iOs.