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How To Send Notes To Your Browser

How To Send Notes To Your Browser

May 2, 2016

We’ve already seen how easy it is to send a webpage from your desktop browser for viewing on Android, but with PushBullet you can do this and more. Using the PushBullet app (search for it in the Play store) and the online service at, you can send notes, addresses, lists, files and yes, even URLs to your Android device via a simple browser-based form.

Once synced to your device, data can even be shared via whatever cloud tools you have installed, which might include Dropbox. Up until now you might have chosen Dropbox for this sort of task, but PushBullet removes the need for any cloud storage tool to be employed for fast file sharing from your desktop. Here’s how it works.

1 Install App And Extension

Head to Google Play to find the PushBullet app; once you’ve done this, browse the Chrome Store for the browser extension and install both. Launching the app on your phone, you’ll notice that the service requires your agreement to use some of your personal data.

  1. Send Notes

There are two straightforward ways to send notes to your phone using PushBullet. The first, and easily the most efficient, is via the toolbar extension widget. Simply click this and enter the link, note, list or address, then Push it! to send to your phone.

  1. Find Pushbullet Notes

To find the notes and files (sent via on your smartphone, open up the app. Here you will find a list of items that have been sent to your Android device that you can act upon, share or delete as required. It really is as simple as that.

Get Notifications On Your Desktop.

Send Pop-Up Notifications To Your Desktop With The Android Desktop Notifications App

After installing the Android Desktop Notifications app, launch it and tap Open Accessibility Settings to enable the service. Next, confirm that the app has permission to send data to your computer; pay heed to the warning about what information is sent.

  1. The Accessibility settings screen can be revisited, enabling you to determine whether the app should use only Wi-Fi to send notifications. It is also in this screen that you can decide how much information will appear in your desktop notification pop-ups.
  2. With the Chrome extension installed you’ll need to click the button on the browser toolbar and enter the generated code. Notifications can be configured to disappear after a few seconds; you can also enable sounds.
  3. With the app configured and the browser linked, you will soon start seeing the notifications from your Android device appearing on your desktop. Want to disable notifications? Simply find the bell icon in the system tray and use one of the ‘Do not disturb’ options.

Top US Cellphone Carriers for Iphone

Top US Cellphone Carriers for Iphone

Aug 3, 2015

Today, every other person in US either carries an iPhone or a smartphone. It is the need of the day and there is nothing wrong in it. However, if you are not choosing the right carrier or the right plan for your mobile set, you will end up paying more than what you should. So let’s check out some of the best plans available for the iPhone users.

There was a time when Verizon, AT &T, Sprint and T-Mobile, the major iPhone carriers used to charge a fixed rate for the usage and the charges were surely quite high. Things have changed in the recent times with companies offering cost worthy plans to its users. Now, take a look at the mobile carriers for iPhone.

  • Verizon


Among the Big four companies, Verizon has the largest network. However, due to the cost that it carries, many prefer not using the service. It is a CDMA network and is compatible to iPhone. For iPhone users who purchase the phone with two years connection contract, the monthly rate is around $87.08. This is an addition of the monthly rental with 2 GB data usage and instalment of the phone.

  • AT&T


AT&T is another large mobile carrier network of US with all over presence. You can purchase an iPhone with the contract of AT&T and you will have to pay $86.67. The facility here is that you get 3GB of data instead of 2GB that is common with Verizon. In practice, this is a GSM based network.

  • T-Mobile


T-Mobile is known as one of the most user friendly mobile carriers in USA which offers great plans for the users. T Mobile customer service is also the best in the regions of US and thus people prefer taking their services. Currently, the company has announced plans that would allow people call without border, which means there will be no extra charge for calling Canada and Mexico from 15th July. As far as the monthly cost of T mobile usage is concerned, it comes to around $72.08. This is also quite low compared to other mobile services. You get 2GB of mobile data at that price.

  • Sprint


Sprint is another service provider for iPhone. The company has not been doing much good for some time now and it is trying hard to gain back its lost ground. Sprint offers unlimited text and data for $50 only which is quite low compared to the top two network carriers. The total cost comes at $77.06 for the 2 years contract. However, the company has lost millions of customers to T Mobile which is slowing climbing up the ladder.

For any company that offers iPhone with its network plans, it is important to make sure that customers are benefitted in one way or other. Either the network quality has to be best or the rates have to be cheap. Apart from that the customer service also plays a major role. T Mobile customer service is doing quite good in this respect. This may be one of the reasons of people shifting to the company while the top two still rules the smartphone industry in US.

How to Pick a Good Smartphone

How to Pick a Good Smartphone

Jan 31, 2015

Smartphone has become one of the most important things in people live. It is of course not without reasons. There are so many things that are helped by Smartphone. From that one fact, we can say that Smartphone is created to make our lives easier in many ways. However, sometimes Smartphone can become a problem. It happens when you do not choose the right kind of Smartphone. It can create problem that will affect many things such as your financial, etc. We know that Smartphone is not cheap, so if something happen to it then the money will just become a waste. That is why you need to know about how to choose the right Smartphone.

These tips are for helping you so that you will know about how to choose the right Smartphone that you will not regret. You need to know that there are so many people out there who are regretful because they are not able to get the right smartphone which can be suitable with what they desire. It is better for you to pay attention to the tips properly so you will be able to expect getting the best satisfaction later on. And yes, it might also be possible for you to save more money. Firstly, you need to set the budget you will use to buy it. That is important because that will determine what kind of Smartphone you should buy. The next tip is closely related to the first one. If you have set your budget, the next thing to do is searching in the internet for some Smartphones models that is suitable to your budget. Choose some series from some brands that the price matches the budget.

The next step on how to choose the right Smartphone is by observing the details of the phone such as the specification, the features, etc. This kind of tip is really necessary and vital for your satisfaction later on. It may seem bothersome because you can just go to the store and buy it. However, it is important to avoid the possibility of you getting a bad thing happen such as you get fooled by the sellers, etc. And also by searching all the information about them first will make you do not have to spend too much time in the store because you have chosen one before coming there.

Some Amazing Applications of Android

Some Amazing Applications of Android

Jan 23, 2015

I do not think there is a place where android is not dominating live. Nowadays, android has become a very important thing for our life. You cannot hide the fact that most people just cannot live without it. You can do anything using the smart phone. And the amazing thing is the fact that you do not need to move from the place you are standing now. It is just unbelievable. It definitely makes your life easier and smoother. That amazing fact makes people does not want to live without smart phone even if it is just a moment, they feel at ease when they have the phone is their pocket or maybe in their bags.


Let me tell you why people are so crazy about smart phone, it is because you can download any application you want in android. Some amazing applications that you think you will need for your life. For example, if you are a business person, then you will need internet banking in your phone to make you able to transfer money from anywhere and you also can check the amount of your money, etc. without having to go to bank.


For you who are still students, you can also choose some amazing applications to download. Students must need dictionary, you can download the dictionary and even you can hear how the words are pronounced correctly. Other than that, you can also entertain yourself by listening to your favorite music. The amazing thing is that there is an application that will make you able to know the lyrics of the song automatically when the song is played.


Amazing applications are of course also needed by girls who love taking selfies a lot. They will need to edit the photos for them to be perfect. You will be able to make many photos into one frame, etc. That is totally amazing. Well, with the latest trend related to the usage of the camera of your smarpthone, it seems to be really necessary for you to have such nice applications to support your photography by using your smartphone. The result will be more satisfying and yes, to capture and edit the photos can be more fun that way.

Several Applications in Smartphone that Is Loved by Girls

Photo Editing AppsSmartphone is something very essential for these day people. With Smartphone in their hands, they can do anything easier. It has many interesting applications that are very good and help them so much. People with any profession will use it for many purposes. Students will love it because it help them so much in getting much information they need, business person also need that to do their business smoothly, etc. The ones that are very about the existence this technology are actually teenager, especially girls.

Girls love it so much because it has many interesting applications for many purposes. The first application they love so much is Camera360. Girls must admit it that most of them love taking selfies so much. That is why they need a good application that can give the best result. So, by using this application, your photos will be automatically edited, meaning that it already used filter, etc.

After taking your photos perfectly, you will need to edit your photos again. You may want to edit your photos to make them perfect so you will be very confident to post them in your social network sites because many people will see them. And yes, this kind of thing has become so popular at this recent time. You must have been so familiar with the term “selfie”. It is related to the method to take your own photos by using your smartphone and you are editing your photos to make them look better so you can show them off to your friends by using social media as the medium. Of course, when it comes to the photo editing, you cannot do it on your own. It will be too much for you to do it on your own. You need to have the assistance or helpful thing to cope with the editing. There is a perfect application to do that. It is called Photogrid. It can crop the photos, make many photos become one file, make a video containing many photos in it with a background song, can put a caption or quote in your photos, etc.

The next interesting applications are many kinds of social network sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Girls totally love those applications because through those applications, you can communicate with other people, can upload your photos, can post a status, etc. There are so many girls who want to show to the world about her existence through her social network sites, so they are going all out about anything there.