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UK Military Creates Quantum Compass that can be the Successor of GPS

Quantum CompassMost of you probably have already know that GPS began its life as a military technology in the 1970s, but then in the late 80s everything has changed since the US government decided to allow the civilian to use the satellite network. It means that every mobile device on the planet has a GPS chip built-in that lets you to find your way around, but now GPS is getting old and it does not work well in all situations. Recently, the British Ministry of Defense is hard at work in developing a so-called as quantum compass that can be the successor of GPS. And just like GPS, it probably can land in your pocket one day.

The UK military is now investing millions of pounds in the quantum compass mainly for use in the submarines. The GPS systems require a view of the sky or little obstruction to get a location fix. It makes a tube of metal sliding through the water 100 meters beneath the waves cannot really get a GPS lock. The submarines currently use a type of inertial location system that based on accelerometers. Each twist and turn of the sub will be recorded and used to calculate its position that based on the last known coordinates. And then, this is called as dead reckoning navigation. However, it has a wicked cool name and also it is only as good as the system that it is built on, besides the accelerometers are not very good. The subs can regularly drift more than a kilometer after being submerged for a day. Then this compass can replace the accelerometer and provide the extremely precise location analysis for the long periods of time underwater. This will be super cool right?

Even it is not launched yet, but it can be great news for you who are disappointed with GPS system. However, even later on one day if this quantum compass ever makes its way to smartphone, it will probably still need to be paired with some sort of the GPS system. Actually it needs a point of reference in order to calculate your position with those super-cooled atoms. Of course, it maybe only need to fire up the GPS once every week or few days to recalibrate the compass. Just wait and see, when the UK military finally will launch this GPS successor, and wait if probably it can be used for civilian as well.

Build Multimedia Enhanced Rooms with Better and Low Cost Audio Video Solutions

Build Multimedia Enhanced Rooms with Better and Low Cost Audio Video Solutions

Jan 15, 2014

There are some products that you can find in easy way via online. You never need to waste your time and waste your energy to find certain product directly because you can get all information via online. For all of you who are looking for best Audio video solutions for your multimedia room you should not choose other company to help you. You just need to get audio video solution only from TWD. There are some reasons why you must choose to use this company’s service than services from other companies.

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There are some other services that you will get when you choose to use this company service. You can also design your multimedia room and they will help you to create best multimedia room with high technology system that you need. You can also improve your old multimedia room and make it looks perfect with this company’s service. This company has already experienced for more than 20 years. It means you must get better service from this company. This company has already served so many people and so many companies too in US. There are some branches of US Federal government that also use this company services. You must contact this company when you really need to have better multimedia room. This company is great choice for all of you who want to design, install, and maintenance your multimedia room in low cost. You can get other services from this company from this company site.

Recommended Product for External Hard Drive

Recommended Product for External Hard Drive

Nov 11, 2013

Hard drive is one of important parts inside the computer which is needed to save all data that you have on the computer. Each personal computer is already completed with internal hard drive, but the capacity of the hard drive is limited. If you like to play games, downloading various videos or music, keeping pictures and documents, then you might need an external hard drive to keep all of those data in your computer. Different with internal hard drive that attached on the computer and cannot be removed as you want; external hard drive can be removed or attached on the computer as you want. You can even carry around the external hard drive and attach it on the other computer to copy certain data on that computer.

One of the most recommended products for external hard drive that you can choose is LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (1TB SSD). When it comes to the trustable and high quality hard drive, this choice is totally the best one for you. With its 1 Terabyte capacity, you can save lot numbers of data, video, images and games as you like. You do not need to worry anymore for your computer being lagged because the memory is full, because this external hard drive will provide you a big room to save all of your data. Yes, indeed, great capacity is one of the nicest features offered by this external hard drive.

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (1TB SSD)

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt (1TB SSD) is using Thunderbolt interface which means it can work faster than the other hard drives. The disc chassis itself is also made from aluminum, so it would not easily damaged when you accidentally drop it when you put it in your bag. To keep the drives cold, this device is also completed with fans on the side of the hard drive. This fan might create a little bit noisy sound, but the long cable will make you able to put the hard drive little bit far from your screen to reduce the noise. If you are interested to get this external hard drive, you need to prepare money about US$ 998.