The Fantastic 4 Devices

Do you realize that most of our activities and tasks are carried on by devices and technology? So, can you name what device that already help you to do daily tasks and activates? If you can answer those questions, then you realize that we are in the gate toward modern technology of 21st century. In last decade there are so many new gadgets and technology development. The progress is very fast compared with the time during late 20th century. In case you haven’t known what the latest gadgets and technology, here are 4 new advanced technologies.

Logitech Wireless Solar KeyboardThe first category is input device. Logitech create a keyboard that is wireless and powered with solar energy. Now you can leave any battery hassles for wireless input devices. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is connected with 2.4 GHz wireless unifying recover. This solar cell receiver will stay charged for more 3 months as maximum time, even though there is no light at all or total darkness. For the cost, you only need to pay $ 79.99 to own this warless solar powered keyboard.

The other input device has ring shape. The ring is input device by using your finger gesture movement. It can control home appliances such as TV, Lamp, Fan, Air Conditioner, and many appliances that can be associated with digital control. It also can be your phone input device. You send texts using gesture air-writing. It also has LED and vibration alerts to notice you about the notification on your phone such as Twitter, E-Mail, and texts. It can be charged for 1000 time and each full charged battery can give you 1000 gestures. The cost of the ring is about $ 165 – 185.

The second category is record device. Have you ever felt so annoyed because you cannot take notes from someone who is speaking? This device is good device for you. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen is the best device for your problem. By using this device you can take notes and also record the audio. You also can play the recorder audio back later. It also can share and save your interactive notes to your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android through micro-USB connector. By using the same connector you can recharge the pen’s battery. Its memory can record 400 or 800 hours audio depends on the model. It cost starts at $169.95.

The last device is a particular device that allows you to connect your peripherals. We used to need cables to connect our peripherals. Back then it was so complicated. We need to use cables and also do configurations. However the LaCIe Hub4 USB 3.0 will give you the new world of connecting peripherals with flexibility and mobile. Wherever you go, you can do it anywhere. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports. Therefore it can provides the fastest USB 3.0 transfer rates speed that is up to 5 Gb/s. It works for almost net books, laptops, and computer. And it cost only $ 59.99.