The Ring, The Fashionable and Advanced Input Device

Ring Input DeviceThe development of technology is just like dream comes true. Most of the new developed technologies are coming from little tasks that take up long time to be done. We used to do out activities and tasks without any help of technology and gadgets around us that is all about manual. The 21st century has become the different century where most of human tasks and activities can be done with the help of technology and gadgets. Therefore, the modern people will never can imagine how we can life without gadgets and technology anymore. The most new technologies are devices that help us to cut down the time when we do particular activity and task. Thus, we can do those activity is short time.

This new device is a simple things but it can cut down the time for almost your daily activity in your house and anywhere. This device is a great thing for those who want to move with speed of light to do their daily activities. If you see this device, it looks like just an ordinary ring. However this ring can transform your finger becomes an input device. There are so many thing that you can do by wearing this ring. You can control you home appliances, send texts from your phone, or even you can pay bills with it. This ring use gesture control. Every movement of your finger become gesture input toward the associated devices and appliances. By doodling in the air you can control your lamp, TV, AC and other home appliances.

When you want to send a text, what you need to do just do air-draw of the words. The gestures will be transformed into words on your phone. It’s just easy as air writing. This ring is also a good device for those who really want to know the second they have just received a notification from their social media, text, or e-mail. This ring has LED and vibration alerts to let you know that there is a notification on your phone. You will feel a small vibration in your finger. I believe you sense it better that phone vibration. In order to use this device you need to prepare $ 165 – 185. It comes with a battery dock to charge the ring. The dock is a useful device to charge the ring since its size is rather small. It can be charged for 1000 times. The consumption of the ring battery is not how long you switch it on however how much you do gesture movement with it. The average gestures number that you can do with fully charged battery is about 1000 gestures. However always put thin in your mind that this ring is not waterproof, thus so must take it off when you wash your hand.