Top 3 Advanced Gadgets

Welcome to the 21st century. In this century, we will have numerous advanced gadgets that can help our daily tasks. Nowadays, gadget is more than just a device to help us. However, gadget become our personal assistants to help do our tasks such as work or study. Here, I have top lists of new gadgets that can do more for us.

MyIdKeyThe first gadget is called myIDkey. As you can see the name, this device is our key ID for our digital access. Since we do a lot of things in digital world, we need ID to secure our secret things. Of course to open our account we need ID and password. This device can help us store our ID and password. Besides storing our ID and password, myIDkey also secures, saves, manages, and protects our personal IDs, files, and passwords. In order to give strong protection, this device use biometric technology. In order to use this device, MyIDkey would authenticate the owner identity. Then it can safely display information that is stored on it. If you need this device, you should prepare $ 249.

The second gadget technology is related with power source. Though we have advanced device technologies such as Smartphone, iPhone, and Blackberry that can do a lot of things, we still have one big problem which is power consumption. Most of Smartphone can only survive one day after full recharge because Smartphone consume a lot of power to do many things. But you don’t need to worry, we have additional device that can help up to solve this energy problem. Commonly people would use power bank. However, the newest gadget technology was born which is a wireless charger. To charge your phone, you only need to plop your phone on the charging station. The station can charge your device without any wire. As long as your phone or mobile device is its range, it can power up your device. Unfortunately, this device charges your device slower than wired charger. There are many products of wireless charger such as Anker and DuracelPowermat. Commonly, wireless chargers has power indicator so that you would notice if your device is powered up or not. The common price or wireless charger is arount $ 29 – $ 40.

The last new device’s main function is to improve our Smartphone camera. This device is actually a Camera lens that attached on phone case. It is called as iPro Lens. This device can improve the camera on your Smartphone such as Galaxy S4, iPhone, or iPad Mini. iPro Lens can be attached directly to the Smartphone camera. Besides improving the camera quality, iPro Lens can protect the camera lenses and also give better comfort handle for your Smartphone.