What is Mobile Computing?

The development of technology these days makes people become able to do various activities in easier way. If 30 years ago people still needed to stay at one place to do some computer works, such as typing and editing data, now they do not need to do the same way anymore. Yes, indeed, this is actually something we need to be grateful about. After the invention of laptop, which make it easier for people to do computing activities anywhere and anytime they want, now we also know the technology of mobile phone that support computing activities through certain applications and programs. This development of technology is now commonly known as mobile computing technology.

Mobile computing refers to any computing activities which can be done anywhere at any time using certain devices. With this technology, people will still be able to work in computing activities even they are not staying at one place. This kind of technology is definitely something so great for those who are really busy and have a lot of things to handle in small amount of time. But because the device is not connected with power source like electricity, the power of the device itself is just rely on the battery power. The most common devices that people use to do mobile computing activities are laptop and mobile phone. With laptop, people can do their works even they need to change their location by riding any kinds of transportation. But for some people, laptop is quite heavy to carry around and it is also a little bit difficult to carry it in crowded area.

Different with laptop, mobile phone that already supports computing activities is more flexible and easier to carry around. It has smaller size than laptop, which makes people are more like to use mobile phone than laptop to do their computing activities. Mobile phone that completed with mobile computing technology is commonly called with smart phone. This phone will not only make people able to do some computing activities, such as typing, editing data, editing pictures and many more, but they will also able to send some email or browsing as long as they have an internet connection.