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The Newest Version of KMPlayer: The KMPlayer

The Newest Version of KMPlayer: The KMPlayer

Oct 21, 2013

The KMPlayer is an all-in-one media player. This multifunction media player can run many types of data format, such as MP3, MPEG-1/2/4, 3GP, MKV, AVI, VCD, WMV, DVD, OGM, QuickTime, Ogg Theora, RealMedia, and many others. At the beginning of 2013, The KMPlayer released the newest version of it, which is The KMPlayer This incredible media player can help you capture screenshot, video, and audio, also can handle many subtitles to accompany you during watching the movies. This media player also provides a fully controlled sphere in its external and internal filters. These filters are related to the context or connections to other decoders, renderers, video or audio transform filters, and splitters. This advantages make the users do not have to grapple with the system of DirectShow. But, the filters in the internal sphere are not registered to the system of the user aiming to keep it away from the disorder with system in the filters.

All the urgent and important decoders, which are the requirement of media playback, is included in The KMPlayer The external decoders come with specific intervideo audio or cyberlink decoders to get the users beyond expectation of internal decoders. Thus, this media player can work maximally and optimally. Although it is based on DirectShow system, it can support RealMedia, QuickTime, and Winamp so that the users can specify which media in preferences they have to connect in the first place.


Many plus points the users can get if they use this software, such as:

  1. It can run various video and audio effects.
  2. It can increase or decrease the playback speed with shortcuts on the keyboard.
  3. The users can give “favorite” in a selected scene or part in a video.
  4. It can take the great A-B repeat.
  5. The skin can be changed with wide selection.
  6. There are many options of configuration available.
  7. The users will be able to remap the remote interface keys for HTPC.

In conclusion, The KMPlayer comes with strong structure and is easy to interconnect Winamp input&dsp plugin, internal filters, and DirectShow filters. The ease in the installation process will make the users never doubt to use this software since they can keep installing it without having to install the Web Search Bar provided in The KMPlayer installer.

LG Smart TV GameNow: Smart TV for Cloud Gaming

LG Smart TV GameNow: Smart TV for Cloud Gaming

Oct 13, 2013

We cannot deny the fact how cloud technology has become so awesome right now. It can even be said that our lives have become a lot much easier and it is all thanks to cloud computing. Such assumption is really true especially if you are a user of Ultrabook. With the awesome internet connection you have alongside that gadget, using the cloud computing is surely something that will bring your wildest dream come true.


Accessing your personal documents saved in the cloud is one of the examples. It means you can have the access to such documents anytime and anywhere. Well, to support your needs regarding this matter, LG Electronics and Ubitus Inc, has created an awesome LG Smart TV GameNow which will surely allow you to enjoy smart cloud gaming. Yes, sir, this TV will blow your mind away especially if you are keen on gaming. This TV will give you the next level of gaming experience and it is totally awesome! What will you get from this TV? In addition to the fact that you are going to have 32 inch LCD TV, there are so many fantastic features contained in it. Of course, we are going to focus on the features to support your gaming experience because that is why this TV is created. For your information, this TV is able to support MMO gaming which is also known as Massive Multiplayer Online gaming.

LG Smart TV

The graphic of this LG Smart TV GameNow is totally able to spoil your eyes for sure. You can even say that this TV is not just a mere TV but a powerful gaming console since the visual quality will exceed your expectation. There is no need for you to deal with disc loading as well as the game installation. So, how can you enjoy the games? It is all made based on demands. There are some games said to have been available for such gaming and you can choose them to be put inside your awesome TV including Batman: Arkham City and Street Fighter X Tekken. Well, just go get this TV without any hesitation since it will surely make you want to play game over and over.

Wider Communication through Internet

Wider Communication through Internet

Oct 5, 2013

Imagine if you lived in a world when there was no internet. It would be very boring, right? Without internet, it would be very difficult for you to communicate with other people all over the world, but through internet, it seems that there is no limitation among countries in the world. It seems that we live in the same place, in the same timing, and in the same condition. Internet has distorted the difference in distance and time. It is definitely such a fantastic thing indeed. Internet brings us into easier communication and even faster and more effective. It helps us in many ways. We cannot imagine if we live in the age when internet has not born yet. May be, we will never know who Mark Zukkerberg is. That is the prominence of internet.

Not only communication that is offered by internet. You can also do everything through internet. Lots of friends you can get from internet. You can do your business through internet, as you know that nowadays, people tend to use internet as their own world in having transaction. It is easier for you to do your job through internet. You do not need to see your boss directly when you want to submit your job, but you can send it through email. You can see your friend’s face even when you and your friend were in the different places, far away separated by the distance.

 easier communication

Years ago, you just used telephone to make a call and to send messages, but now, you can use your telephone as the medium to open internet. And by opening internet, you are not only able to make a call or send a message but also browse any knowledge that you want to know. Given that, it can be said that internet is the second windows in the world after book. Also, you can find many books in internet, of course famous book from famous author. So, in telecommunication, internet has the most important role. It brings us into wider and easier communication era, so we can communicate with all people in all over the world.