Make Phone Video Look Professional and Share on YouTube with Movavi

Want to upload a funny standup comedy video from your college fest on YouTube, but you fear it does not look professional? Cast aside your fear, as the Movavi Video Editor is here to help you out. The video editing software from Movavi is not only easy to download and install, but also supports a wide range of amazing features too. No matter whether the video is taken from an expensive camera or a simple Smartphone, it can be made into a professional stuff within minutes.

You can combine, edit and add a lot more features to a make YouTube video like a pro with the software. Still photos, captions, music, TV or 3D video capture and a lot more can be combined to make one YouTube video. The online tutorial is a great way to learn about its utilities and make the best use. The best part is the working area of the program which comprises of Timeline which is a bit advanced and the basic Storyboard. In Timeline mode, captions, music and audio can be added to individual tracks. But, if you want to combine videos, photos, transitions accompanied with filters and effects, Storyboard mode is just perfect.

If you are up for this software, then read on for a quick look on how to operate it.

  1. There will be a set of instructions on the screen, once the installation is done.
  2. Read them carefully and follow the process.
  3. Keep the video or videos (in case you want to make one single YouTube video from multiple clips) in one place.
  4. Add Media Files option has to be clicked and chosen files will be open with a tab on the Open button.
  5. Create the base of the video in the Storyboard mode by dragging and dropping the files in sequential manner.
  6. Add effects with a click on ‘Effects’ option and choose from wide range of attractive effects.
  7. Select the effect type and use the Delete option under Applied Effects to delete any effect which you want to remove.
  8. Adjust color, contrast, brightness and other filters for better video quality.
  9. Choose animations and intriguing transitions from ‘Fades’ section to make the video more appealing.
  10. To add music, audio, subtitles etc go to the Timeline mode and edit.
  11. Record Audio can be used to add your own recorded message to the video.
  12. Finally, preview the video, save and click on ‘Upload to the Web’ option for sharing it on YouTube.

If you want to know about Movavi then follow this link