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Top 5 Iphone Siri Alternative Android Apps

Top 5 Iphone Siri Alternative Android Apps

Mar 28, 2016

As Siri (software) was launched by Apple inc. and not by google so Android missed it but I dont think that you want to miss that and not even you want to dump your device for that reason. Isn’t that? Siri was introduced with the launch of new Iphone 4s and because of such an extra-ordinary feature it hiked the sale of Iphone 4s.This so called software ( I think more than a software) works to make communication between you and and your device much more easy than ever before.For example: If you want your gadget to have a alarm or a reminder of christmas eve on 25th DEC at 4:00PM GMT, than what all you need to do with siri is to just open your Siri app and say to the mic “remind me for christmas eve on 25 at 4:00 PM” and that all you are done. This is not the only part, you can ask your device to search for anything by just giving it a voice command and it will find that for you. Now for the one who will not be aware of this feature of Iphone 4s will be thinking to dump there Android and thinking to buy an Iphone but I dont think there is a need!

I agree to the fact that Siri is an extra ordinary feature and too dont want the Android users to become jealous for Iphone but what about having it on your Android. What you need it to just select one from the below given list and install it for free on your Tablet or phone.

  • Skyvi (Siri for Android) :

This app coming first under my list with the tag line “Got Siri jealousy,get Skyvi now!” is going to cover the maximum features of Siri for your Tablet or Phone such as you will be getting Text-to-Speech HQ and its features like Getting the Answer of your question” When was Osama killed ?”, get in chat with this app, ask for jokes, ask for funny sms, use your twitter or facebook by simple voice commands even update or tweet your Facebook or Twiiter accounts by telling what you want to type.

Moreover it bring features for business proffesionals too whose cares for time and saves there time searching the best requirement of them about local business searches, keeping an eye on there businees schedule and lot much more.The developers till now have kept in care for the speed of this application and also worked to make it a perfect match for your personality.

  • Speaktoit Assistant:

If you have this I think you have a buddy in your device for talking to you whenever you needs it.It provides you cover your full social network such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, and many others.Till not this app is powered by Ispeech and so provides you the best voice recognization. It can find maps for you, wheather reports, opening an app of your choice, currency, stock exchange, and many other are its highlighting features. The developers promises for the app being the best but I have 3 more for you..check them too.

  • Vlingo Virtual Assistant:

As till now update this app having 4.8 user rating have only a single issue -“VLINGO NOT WORKING WITH HTC REZOUND” but that too have not affected its like by its users because of its un-matchable features to Text, to call, getting direction, buying movie tickets and booking hotels etc. It works very much smooth with voice commands and follows them strictly as if you want to msg Arthur, and you need to say “Text Arthur, will he be coming to the party or not?” and its done. It makes calling more easy than ever before.

  • Voice Search :

As is powered by google inc. this app is itself a master in searching with an added feature of voice-recognization.It searches the whole web for you on the simple command of your voice and displays the best result in front of you.You can even call your contacts and control your device according to your command.”IT IS ENGLISH ENABLED TILL NOW”

  • Iris :

Last but not the least will satisfy your need in the most capable way it can do it for you. It sound a reverse for Siri but do compete with the Siri in the right direction and straight way to make you feel better with it. It will help you out in searching and finding the most relevant of the context.

There are many apps available in the market related to enable Siri on your Android but I found these 5 as the best of all and so I just thought to put my effort to make them available to you and know them better. They all are available to you for free and what for they work is to make your work more easier. These apps can be very useful for you while you are driving and want to send a text, and many more reasons why you must have one of these installed in your device.

Benefits of Tablets Devices in Education

Benefits of Tablets Devices in Education

Mar 21, 2016

Integrating technology with education is just one of the many ways of benchmarking the level of advancement the education sector has reached.  Nevertheless, it remains to be an important indicator.  Suffice it is to say, technology has helped the sector do things that used to be impossible.

The internet and manifolds of digitised information served to bridge the gap between many far-off places, countries or students.  Now, more forms of education are fitted to suit the technological platforms – the MOOCs and educational apps.

Apparently, these “platformed education” is made available in students’ hands – thanks to Tablets Devices.

The Tablet

In material and functional terms, Tablets Devices are a cross between those bulky but multitasking PCs and those geeky but powerful handheld gadgets.  In the subsequent years, its hardware and software components have undergone various brush-ups.  Furthermore, it became increasingly affordable for wider market niches, which empowered the information and technological capabilities of today’s learners.

The Sector

The evolution didn’t solely work for the tablet device; the same progression happens to occur for platforms like the social media and applications, or apps.  The capability to bring together various people from across the globe of the social media networks has paved the way to bringing a definitive kind of groups – this time, they were learners and educators.

These groups, backed by what is called MOOCs (stands for Massive Online Open Courses), started their learning gig via the Internet and the available mediums (the PC and/or laptops).  The increasing fame of various Tablets Devices, be it iOS or Android-backed, to students has made the forward step natural.

The MOOCs was eventually overhauled to take centre stage in the tablet.  Apart from MOOCs, educational applications which used to be available for the PC- and Smartphone-users, became accessible to Tablet-users.

The Benefits

All the hard work spent in overhauling the “platformed education” into Tablets Devices were intended for one primary purpose – to further education and make it accessible.  Interestingly, this purpose wasn’t met by simply raising the accessibility of education; the meeting of its main purpose manifested across differing angles, such that these benefits surfaced:

  • Students are empowered to learn anywhere – provided that they’re within Wi-Fi zones.
  • Educators can monitor their students’ progress in real time.
  • Students can “design” their learning through various available educational apps.
  • Educators can detect errors via forums and could use forums to correct not just one student but the rest of the student populace.
  • Students can integrate apps and their MOOC subjects with their schedules and synch it with their digitised calendars and alarms.
  • Educators can bring into the picture invaluable learning tools – videos, readings and even quizzes – as well as, evaluation tools for feedback.
  • Students can vary learning mediums (from apps to MOOCs, vice versa) as they choose to fit it with their needs and time.

The user-friendly design of the Tablets Devices should be accounted for its increasing relevance inside and outside the classroom.  And with the continuing evolution of Tablets Devices, students and educators have good reason to stay tuned.

Best Android Apps – 7 Must-Install Apps for Android Users

Best Android Apps – 7 Must-Install Apps for Android Users

Mar 11, 2016

Thanks to the open source nature of Android, you can access millions of apps from the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market). Because of the customization features available on Android, many people are purchasing Android phones. However, since so many apps are available in Google Play Store, finding suitable apps for your phone can be a daunting task. So, to make your work easy, here are some of the must-install Apps for Android Users.

Best android apps

  1. Dolphin Browser

Having a good and easy to use browser can greatly enhance your internet browsing experience. It takes around 8 seconds to load heavy web pages. It allows you to quickly access your favorite websites by using customized gestures. You can access all your Google bookmarks through it.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best ways to make notes quickly on your Android. Through it, you can also capture website clippings. You can add photos to your notes. Whenever you find something noteworthy, you can simply start Evernote app and make note of it. The notes that you make on your Evernote can be accessed on computer or other device that has Evernote installed on it.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services that can be accessed across various platforms like Android, Windows, and Linux. You can store all your important files on the online storage folder of Dropbox. The files you add on Dropbox can be accessed through any device installed with Dropbox.

  1. IMO Chat

IMO Chat is a multi-protocol chatting app that offers intuitive interface to login into your various IM accounts. It allows you to access widely used IM services like AIM, Jabber, Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, and Skype. You do not need to register on IMO chat to access your multiple IM services. You can also send files and voice IMs to your contacts.

  1. LastFM

This is an awesome app for music lovers. It allows you to search music and events of your favorite artists. It helps in creating a perfect playlist of songs from a particular artist or genre. It has got an enormous database through which you can learn more about your favorite artists.

  1. TweetDeck

It is one of the best social networking apps that lets you easily update status and view notifications. It not only allows you to use Twitter but also lets you easily access your other social profiles on sites like Facebook, FourSquare and Buzz. It makes it possible to use various social networking services under one roof.

  1. Amazon Kindle

If you love reading ebooks or magazines, you should install the Amazon Kindle app on your Android device. Kindle gives you access to thousands of ebooks for free. It has got an inbuilt dictionary. For better reading experience, you can choose a customized font size, increase the brightness of the display, and make some other setting changes.

Three Growth Strategies That Will Keep Your Business In Full Bloom

Most business owners want their companies to get and remain in a state of growth. However, business stagnation is oftentimes the rule rather than the exception. Nevertheless, competitive corporate leaders who are determined to keep their companies moving forward should know that they can make it happen by developing a savvy plan of action which includes strategies that are proven to work. Here are just three of many growth strategies that can keep your company moving forward:

1. Keep Everything Updated And Optimized.

Keeping every aspect of your business updated and optimized is the key to completing daily tasks with expedience and excellence. It will also play an integral role in preventing work-related mishaps and helping your brand maintain a cutting edge image in the minds of prospective clients. With all this in mind, be sure to regularly update and optimize your company’s equipment, aesthetic, policies, and approach to interfacing with the public. If you find that it’s time to update broadband equipment such as your rf directional coupler, you can obtain new goods from companies like Werlatone.

2. Enhance Your Advertising Methodology.

In addition to keeping everything in your commercial setting updated and optimized, make sure that you enhance your advertising methodology. This will help ensure that you’re able to share the vision and value of your brand with an increasing number of people. The end result will be a more substantive bottom line as well as an expanding range of influence. There are numerous tactics you can appropriate to optimize your company’s advertising methodology, one of which includes the use of strategically placed billboard signs. You may also want to venture into the realm of direct marketing. Finally, digital marketing has become an immensely powerful mechanism through which to connect with your target audience in a savvy way that optimizes the brand recognition process.

3. Embrace Holistic Wellness.

One of the reasons that business owners fail to take their companies to an unprecedented level of success is that they are not healthy. When your health is mediocre or poor, your energy levels and mood are continually compromised. Since this is the case, it’s important for you to act proactively now by implementing strategies and techniques that will help you attain holistic wellness. Luckily, there are several strategies you can implement right now so that you can begin to look and feel your best. Some of them include:



Business owners who want their companies to remain on the path to perpetual growth can get the process started right now. Utilize some or all of the helpful hints and tips outlined above to ensure that your business begins to move forward!

Top Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

Your business is only as strong as its website. The idea that you can rely on customers hearing about you through word of mouth advertising or because they accidentally wandered into your store doesn’t work in today’s world. Whether searching for a new doctor, clothing store, landscaper or restaurant, those customers turn to the web before anything else. The domain name you select must have some type of connection to your business, but there are some other top things you should consider when choosing a domain name too.

Does the Name Fit with Your Company?

The name you select should always fit with the name of your company. When you visit a site like like, you expect to find out everything you need to know about that company, including a short history of the brand and the names of some sneaker designs currently available. Most companies today choose a domain name that has the name of the company right there in the title. Using a combination of letters and numbers or opting for an abbreviation of your name can confuse shoppers.

Is the Domain Currently Available?

Choosing a domain name is sometimes hard because the name you want may no longer exist. If you open a medical practice that you name after yourself, you may find that a doctor with the same last name as you already owns the domain that you want. You should always do a domain search before you begin building your site. This search tells you if the domain is currently available. If the name you want no longer exists, you might receive a list of similar domains that you can use for your business.

Does it Mimic Other Company Names?

Some website owners think that using a domain similar to a popular name will help drive traffic to their sites. While you might pick up a few viewers who accidentally typed in the wrong name or those who found your site through a simple search, most will not stick around. You also leave yourself at risk of a lawsuit later. The corporations behind those domain names may come after you for copyright infringement or trademark infringement. If you’re just starting out and have limited funds available, avoid choosing a confusing name that is too similar to other companies.

Is the Name Easy to Remember?

When Mark Zuckerberg started work on Facebook, he originally called it Facemash. It also went by a few other names, including thefacebook and Freshmen Facebook. He settled on its current name because it was easy for others to remember. Your domain name should be easy to remember as well. Customers who spend a long time trying to figure out how to type your name into a search or address box may simply move on and decide to shop elsewhere. You can a catchy name that sticks in their minds.

The right domain name can draw customers to your site and make it a success. When selecting a domain name, choose a name that is catchy and original.