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The Thinnest Android Phone in the World: Oppo R5

Oppo R5One of the most luxurious smartphones of the year is Oppo R5. So many comments are declared by people related to the specification of this smartphone. The surprising feature of the phone is its thickness. The very tiny thickness of the phone forces people to claim it as the thinnest android phone in the world. However, although the phone is super thin, specifications of the phone are great and strong. Qualcomm chipset inside the phone has 8 processors with the speed of 1.5 GHz. As a result, the phone is also claimed as the most powerful android phone.

Similar as the other product of Oppo, this R5 also equipped with VOOC Rapid Charge that shorten the charging time. It is true that almost all gadget lovers want to handle this super great phone. Micro SIM card is applied well in the phone. The card is protected by the body with the size of 148.9 × 74.5 × 4.85 mm. Bringing the phone will not be such heavy and hard. Since, it is only 155 g. you have to be happy with the internal memory which is 32 GB, because there is no external memory prepared for the phone. The memory will keep the phone applications which are shown very clear in the AMOLED 5.2 Inch Full HD touch screen. Unfortunately, the screen of the Oppo R5 is not completed with the Gorilla Glass. you have to protect the screen with the screen guard.

The cameras of the Oppo R5 phone are also fabulous. The front one is enough with the 5 MP camera, while the back camera is so much greater with 13 MP Sony Exmor Camera. Both cameras are able to take picture in darkness. Making videos with the cameras will also result a high quality video. The Li-Po 2000 mAh will accompany you to run the phone. This kind of battery is more than enough in providing the power source for your smartphone. Even though the capacity of the battery is not really that big but you can find that it is actually enough to make sure you can enjoy using your smartphone properly.

How to Pick a Good Smartphone

How to Pick a Good Smartphone

Jan 31, 2015

Smartphone has become one of the most important things in people live. It is of course not without reasons. There are so many things that are helped by Smartphone. From that one fact, we can say that Smartphone is created to make our lives easier in many ways. However, sometimes Smartphone can become a problem. It happens when you do not choose the right kind of Smartphone. It can create problem that will affect many things such as your financial, etc. We know that Smartphone is not cheap, so if something happen to it then the money will just become a waste. That is why you need to know about how to choose the right Smartphone.

These tips are for helping you so that you will know about how to choose the right Smartphone that you will not regret. You need to know that there are so many people out there who are regretful because they are not able to get the right smartphone which can be suitable with what they desire. It is better for you to pay attention to the tips properly so you will be able to expect getting the best satisfaction later on. And yes, it might also be possible for you to save more money. Firstly, you need to set the budget you will use to buy it. That is important because that will determine what kind of Smartphone you should buy. The next tip is closely related to the first one. If you have set your budget, the next thing to do is searching in the internet for some Smartphones models that is suitable to your budget. Choose some series from some brands that the price matches the budget.

The next step on how to choose the right Smartphone is by observing the details of the phone such as the specification, the features, etc. This kind of tip is really necessary and vital for your satisfaction later on. It may seem bothersome because you can just go to the store and buy it. However, it is important to avoid the possibility of you getting a bad thing happen such as you get fooled by the sellers, etc. And also by searching all the information about them first will make you do not have to spend too much time in the store because you have chosen one before coming there.

New Android Smart Watch – Motorola 360

Android Smart Watch Motorola 360People will not be able to be separated from their gadget. In this modern time, all people always need gadget because they must connect with other people and they also need to communicate with other people by using their gadget. Gadget makes people’s life simpler. There are some gadgets that offered to you and you can find new android smart watch from Motorola that is called as Motorola 360. It is best and stylish smart watch for all people who want to get stylish watch and best android device on their hand. Why you must choose to buy this smart watch? You better check the detail information about this gadget before you buy this smart watch.

In some sources we will know that people consider this smart watch as best android wears watch. When we check the design of this watch, we will find that this new android smart watch is made with masculine design. It is suitable for all men so they will look cool when they wear this watch. This smart watch is made in larger size than other competitors and you must think twice to buy this smart watch when you have narrow wrist. Motorola 360 offers you not only stylish design but also best features. When we compare with some other smart watches in the market, you will find complete features only in this smart watch. In this new Motorola smart watch, you can find pedometer, ambient light sensor, heart rate sensor, and also wireless charging technology.

Motorola said that this watch is made and designed for men and women but when we check the detail design of this watch, we know that this watch is better for men rather than for women. That is why majority of buyers of this watch are men. This smart watch is made with round display and also best LCD that will make you easy to see all things. The ambient light sensor in this smart watch becomes the first ambient light sensor that is added to smart watch. There is backlit LCD too that offered to you in this smart watch. By using this smart watch, you will not only know time in easy way but you will know how active you are in your day. You can monitor your heart rate and some other things. How much money that you need to buy this new android smart watch? You who are interested in buying this smart watch can purchase $249.00 for this watch.

Several Applications in Smartphone that Is Loved by Girls

Photo Editing AppsSmartphone is something very essential for these day people. With Smartphone in their hands, they can do anything easier. It has many interesting applications that are very good and help them so much. People with any profession will use it for many purposes. Students will love it because it help them so much in getting much information they need, business person also need that to do their business smoothly, etc. The ones that are very about the existence this technology are actually teenager, especially girls.

Girls love it so much because it has many interesting applications for many purposes. The first application they love so much is Camera360. Girls must admit it that most of them love taking selfies so much. That is why they need a good application that can give the best result. So, by using this application, your photos will be automatically edited, meaning that it already used filter, etc.

After taking your photos perfectly, you will need to edit your photos again. You may want to edit your photos to make them perfect so you will be very confident to post them in your social network sites because many people will see them. And yes, this kind of thing has become so popular at this recent time. You must have been so familiar with the term “selfie”. It is related to the method to take your own photos by using your smartphone and you are editing your photos to make them look better so you can show them off to your friends by using social media as the medium. Of course, when it comes to the photo editing, you cannot do it on your own. It will be too much for you to do it on your own. You need to have the assistance or helpful thing to cope with the editing. There is a perfect application to do that. It is called Photogrid. It can crop the photos, make many photos become one file, make a video containing many photos in it with a background song, can put a caption or quote in your photos, etc.

The next interesting applications are many kinds of social network sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Girls totally love those applications because through those applications, you can communicate with other people, can upload your photos, can post a status, etc. There are so many girls who want to show to the world about her existence through her social network sites, so they are going all out about anything there.

The Superiorities Of Android Lollipop Which Will Ease Your Life

Android LollipopAs the most well-liked smartphone operating system, android has got a place in everyone’s heart. Everybody always awaits for its latest update and development. The release f the new version of android operating system which will replace the Kitkat version is one of the news which everybody cannot stand. This new version which is named Android 5.0 Lollipop or most known as Android ‘L’ is introducing new features which will not make the users disappointed. This review is going to talk about the superiorities of Android Lollipop.

First, as its name ‘Lollipop’, this new version is introduced in more colorful version. This version has fuller colors than the previous versions of android. The menu bars are one solid block of color while the icons are more stylish. The background can also change the color depending on the time of day in some applications.

Second, his new version also provides a new innovation which will ease the users is seeing the notification. This version allows us to access the notification although the phone is locked. The android lollipop now also provides the notification filters. Through this feature, we can filter the notification based on priority. We can choose to only let some messages from some favorite contacts to be shown. We can also prevent the notification from some contacts or applications to be displayed.

Third, one of the superiorities of Android lollipop is that it can be a solution for android smartphones and tablets which always have a problem with the battery. The android lollipop promises to prolong the Smartphone and tablet battery life.  It uses a new version of the underlying software called art that powers apps, which is both faster and lighter on resources. Also, it shows a special notification to show how long the approximate time of the phone to stay alive and how long the time which is needed by the phone to recharge the battery. The version is also facilitated with a built-in “battery saver” which helps the device last longer by reducing processor performance and disabling use of data in the background.

Last, this lollipop version allows multiple users in one device. This new feature allows us to have our own personal account and temporary guest accounts which ease the sharing device with a family. With this model of the superiorities of Android Lollipop, we will have our data inside our profile which can be password protected so that we will not worry though we have to share the device with our family.

Recommended Car GPS to Have

Recommended Car GPSPeople can reach all places in easy way when they know the directions. Unfortunately, some people who come for the first time in new place will feel confused in finding certain location. They need help and they often ask to other people. It is modern era and you never need to ask other people to show your destination or give direction to you. What you need to do is just using car GPS. In this modern time, there are some companies that offer you car GPS and you must know recommended car GPS to have in your car. You will get benefits of using best car GPS too.

Before you know more about recommended car GPS, it is important for you to check the purpose of having GPS. When you have GPS on your car, it means you can reach certain place with short route and it means you can save more time, more fuel and more energy too. GPS will show maps and some GPS devices are completed with voice. You can ask all things to your GPS device and get the direction. When you are looking for best car GPS, it is important to choose GPS that is responsive. You don’t need to wait for long time to get direction when you have vest GPS. Today some of car GPS devices are made with touchscreen display so you can easy find all information or touch the location to go. Choosing car GPS that offers you extra features will be good for you too. Your GPS must be made with bluetooth and also speakerphone. So, what is the best car GPS for you?

You just need to choose Garmin Nuvi 2597 LMT as the best car GPS for your car. This car GPS is offered with some best features, and there is 5-inch screen that will help you to see all things and read all information in good way. You just need to touch the screen and then get the information. The battery life is up to 2.5 hours and you will get self update that is offered with map data. You can reach all places in easy way and find important places such as attractions, restaurants, mosque, and some other places. You who want to have this car GPS need to pay $220 only. You don’t need to feel fear to visit new place. This recommended car GPS will guide you to reach your destination.