Cellular Connectivity: Choose 3G or 4G?

3G or the upper G is referring to the elements of the third generation and fourth generation of cellular connectivity data. That connectivity can provide accession internet. Some of them are integrated in certain chip of phone so that it can access the internet from 3G or 4G networks. They will be eased in many ways such as in sending or receiving files, uploading or downloading files, etc. But some others have to buy plug-ins to enjoy the eases.

Good Points of 3G or 4G Cellular Connectivity

The 3G cellular connectivity enables you to access the internet up to 2Mbps. If there is 3G network in your area, you will easily access and download various kinds of games to your phone. The other phone with no 3G connectivity often cannot access animation games. You are able to make video calls and conference it. You can easily find the other one positioning by using it. By the presence of 3G connectivity, you can watch your mobile television clearly with no noise picture and bad sounds.

4G cellular connectivity slightly more sophisticated rather than the previous one. It serves best advanced data transfer. You can easily watch the stream of videos and movie with almost no buffering disturbance. 4G network will expand to more areas. If you are a businessman, it is better you use 4G cellular connectivity data compared to Wi-Fi. The security of 4G data is more secure rather than Wi-Fi. You may not worry about your privacy data and security if you use it. There are many companies offers cheap payment of 4G equipment; you can choose the fit one.

Bad Points of 3G or 4G Cellular Connectivity

The cellular connectivity need always increase every year, even every month. No matter where you are, you need this connectivity the most. Unluckily, this network may not available in certain locations all over the world. To fulfill your needs of internet facility you have to purchase 3G or 4G cellular connectivity modem and paying the data plan every month.