Information about Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is physical elements or components that complete the computer system, such as keyboard, hard drive disk, mouse, monitor, data storage, CPU and many more.  You can touch all of those components and parts with your hand. Different from hardware, the existence of software on the computer cannot be touch with your hand. Software is refers to application, ideas or symbols that you can install on the computer. Of course, when it comes to the question which one is better than the others, well, it is actually a hard question since both hardware and software are really important.

Computer hardware that you can find these days are also commonly known as personal computer hardware. This kind of hardware is refers to component devices which building blocks of personal computer. Personal computer itself is consisting of several main parts. The first one is computer case. Computer case is an enclosure for all of the components from a computer, except mouse, keyboard and monitor. It is usually made from stainless steel or aluminum, but with the development of technology these days now you can also find computer case that made from wood, Lego or plastic.

computer hardware

The second one is power supply. Power supply unit is the part of computer hardware which converts current electric power into low voltage DC power for internal components on the computer. Third is motherboard. Inside the case, there is the main component called as motherboard that supports the operation of system of the computer. This component is one of the most important parts inside the computer because without the existence of motherboard, you will not able to operate your computer. Motherboard is like a rectangular board using integrated circuitry which connected with the other components of the computer like RAM, CPU, BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and disk drives. Fourth is monitor and keyboard. Monitor will be useful to display images and data that being processed on the computer and keyboard is a tool that you can use to type documents or keywords that will be displayed on the monitor. The last component of computer hardware is mouse. There are two types of mouse that you can choose, mouse with cable or wireless mouse.