Programming Basics Concepts for Beginners

Learning about the programming basics is a good start to learn programming. Basically, the definition of programming refers to the creation of set of instruction in order to complete specific tasks. When you borrow this definition, then your basic daily activities are also described as programmatic. Your activities involve specific steps that follow a set of order. Let’s see some examples. After you wake up and feel hungry, you want to make peanut butter sandwich. So, to make this sandwich you have to go through a process. First, you must get slices of bread and peanut butter. Then, you need to spread the peanut butter on the bread and then put the bread together. That’s actually a programming because it involves some elements and a process to achieve something.


Just like in your every day’s lives, a program requires correct steps and correct order. Steps alone without correct order are nothing because the program will not be able to run or not run properly. In this case, you can understand a program as recipe. That’s why a program can also be very helpful to replicate a product when the original product’s creator is far away. However, program is not only about replicating but also mastering the programmatic behaviors and processed. And when it comes to the programming basics concepts, there are three most common structures and concepts.


The first concept in programming basics is Sequence of Commands. It means that the right commands have to be in the right order. The sequence is often known as task order. Correct sequence in important to make sure the program can run properly. However, there are also some procedures that don’t have the right task order. The next concept is Conditional Structures. It means that the program only knows true or false and yes or no. It is never something between. That’s why most of the structures involve the word “if”, “then” and “else”.


The third and last concept is known as Looping structures. It refers to list of instructions that ask the program to make repetition. This is often used to make the computers repeat sequence of commands or command. It can run for multiple times until certain condition exists. Obvious example can be seen in the One Potato game. This game involves repeated rhyme as many times as required. Learning the programming basics is not easy as expected though. It requires patient, consistency.