Crypterium As The Innovative Solution For The Use Of Cryptocurrencies

The development of digital technology continues to make various innovations to improve technology utilization. E-commerce can be said as a platform that encourages the emergence of a variety of digital technologies. One of the essential things in e-commerce transactions is the ease in payment transactions on orders made. Currently, payments are still using a lengthy procedure and require a fee.

As a solution to the problems in finance, then Crypterium comes as a digital bank that can facilitate all the payment process. The presence of a digital bank is an innovation using blockchain technology that supports a decentralized system. At the beginning of its launch, Crypterium built an application called Cryptobank 2.0. This innovation in the cryptocurrency era enables each user to save a certain amount of funds, exchange funds, spend and borrow. This innovation will change the way humans interact with money.

The role of traditional banks is probably not easy to be released from life. That because every financial activity has long used banking services in its management. With Crypterium, you should start to forget the use of the services of a bank branch office, your banker, and a debit and credit card payment card. With Crypterium Cryptobank, all transactions can be done by mobile using a contactless system. Development of Cryptocurrency as one of the implementations of decentralized blockchain is intended to encourage cheaper, faster, easier and safer transactions by using cryptocurrency.

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Crypterium Cryptobank With Mobile Phone Application

Crypterium will be available for apps that can be downloaded and installed easily via android, windows and iOS-based smartphones. With the application Banking Crypterium available will help you in the transaction. When you decide to use Cryptobank, then you can start leaving your debit card usage. That’s because the ERC20 token can be used in any POS service. Implementation of ERC20 has installed more than 42 million users in the world. Payments with mobile banking app will be easier to do because it has been integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC).

The workings of the NFC are sorting out a virtual payment data; then the POS terminal will read the connection sent by the NFC. NFC services can be made to make any payment as already implemented in Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay systems. Any amount provided will be adjusted to the currency of the payee. For the future, Cryptobank capability will be widespread with the availability of cash withdrawal service through ATM.

The phone that has been installed Crypterium app can make all the payment you need. Communications made within the Crypterium app will convert and pay through the NFC terminal. An exchange in the form of cash can be made when the amount of crypto meets the amount of payment needs to be made.

The use of Crypterium Cryptobank application provides many benefits. Cryptobank capabilities can transfer in the form of cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC. Payments that can be made include pay for transactions in infrastructure with international payments through VISA and Mastercard. Each operation may also be made for the purchase of services and goods connected outlets in the Crypterium ecosystem. As with conventional banks, the balance you have in Cryptobank can also be added at any time. You can even make international transfers for cryptocurrency accounts without any restrictions. Using Cryptobank allows you to get special offers from Crypterium’s partner stores.

The Expert Team of Crypterium

The development of a digital financial innovation Crypterium cannot be separated from professionals in the field of digital payments. Almost all members of the management team have over ten years experience in finding development solutions for digital payments. Experts are experienced in various sectors of FinTech that are considered very innovative in the EU. Experienced financials also support the Crypterium management team in developing projects.

The team’s initial incorporation has attracted an investment of $ 50 million for the project to be developed. In 2013 the founding partner of Crypterium had succeeded in creating PayQR which is a company with the purpose of establishing a firm without any payment contacts adjusted with the smartphone so that the payment system does not depend on the international flow. The company moved into a commercial operation in 2015 after working with QR. The app managed to become one of the startups that have global potential in Russia. In 2017 PayQR follows the technology exhibition held in China.

The start of platform development began in 2013, where one company in Europe developed a solution for mobile payments using QR-code scans. That is one embodiment of contactless payment technology. Then in 2015 created a tool that is integrated with e-commerce to make payments on products daily needs. And in 2017, created a system for direct payments between banks. That allows each user to make payments at a lower cost.

The Crypterium ICO Token Sale Event

As a startup company, Crypterium needs help to be able to develop the platform until it is ready for use.The Support can be offered in the form of a token CRPT purchase. Distribution of token sale proceeds has also been set and described in the Crypterium whitepaper. Given the description of the allocation of funds, will make every investor more detail to participate in contributing. Each potential user may engage in pre-sale of the CRPT token. The ICO sales event will commence on 31 October 2017.

The ownership of the CRPT token exists on each user who participates in the ICO contribution event. The determination of the CRPT token uses the essential decentralization of the ERC20 smart Etherum market standard contract. Each published token follows the automatic execution of the criteria definitions contained in the blockchain. Additionally, the CRPT token does not recognize the time limit for its validity period. CRPT tokens can be used to transact within the ecosystem after the ICO event is over.

Each CRPT token holder will have some benefits associated with the product within the product. The form of CRPT tokens is not like securities, stocks, or the like. Ownership of the CRPT token also does not affect the decision-making process applied within the ecosystem. Activity in platform development is also not affected by the owner of the CRPT token. Each token purchased will be distributed according to the number of tokens purchased on ICO. Distribution will be based on the terms and conditions applied to the platform.

Crypterium is a legalized platform by European Union law. To be able to develop the platform then it takes one head office. Tallinn, Estonia is the country where the operations headquarters of Crypterium was founded. By using the applicable rules in Europe, it is sure Crypterium has an absolute amount of accountability and transparency. Every activity will be reported to the European government including the publication of the whole company report.

The selection of Estonia as the site of Crypterium’s headquarters has its reasons. Estonia is one of the countries considered to provide excellent opportunities for the improvement of an innovation of digital transactions. Estonia is the state ranked first in as a country that supports the development of cryptocurrency. It became Estonia’s first country where Bitcoin-ATM was founded.

Crypterium ensures that in the organizational process undertaken in the success of the ICO Crypterium event is in conformity with industry practice with audit support from ICObox. To provide a high level of security, Crypterium has also collaborated with escrow account Blockchain Law group. Crypterium also seeks to increase further confidence to the distributors regarding the distribution of tokens that will be matched by smart contracts.

The value for one CRPT token is set at 0.00001 BTC which is rated equivalent to other cryptocurrencies. Exchanges to be used in determining token values are Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Poloniex, and Kraken. The token sale proceeds will be distributed to founders and teams, advisors, Bounty campaigns, contributors, and reserve funds with percentages applied in whitepapers.

Marketing support for the development of a new platform is indispensable. Crypterium has contributed to opinion leaders and banner ads to expand its marketing reach. Besides, Crypterium publications also specialize on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sections. For the token to be appropriately distributed, the distribution details will be made by the ICO operators.

Toke Sale, Dec 26, 2017

Crypterium continues to play a part of a rapidly growing ecosystem in the development of innovative technologies in cryptocurrency. The ultimate goal of platform development is the creation of a product for effective and efficient use of digital finance compared to previously implemented systems. Each service will be available to CPRT token-holders in the future.

Development of Crypterium platform is one of the digital banking solutions developed by the professional team. Crypterium development is based on the ease of transaction by users with innovations from digital sales so that deals will be faster secure funds. The blockchain technology used can make a decentralized cryptocurrency system. In its activities, platform members can use the CRPT token. Although in practice, tokens can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency as well as traditional currency recognized in some countries. Cryptobank can also handle non-digital payments with the concept of scanning QR code.