Professional Windows Video Editing Made Possible With Movavi!

People like to watch films but they don’t want to go through the tedious task of amending and filming their own feature length film. It is basically a difficult process and is time consuming, boring and even the cost required to perform the entire procedure can be really high. Nevertheless simple video editing can be done at a very cheap cost if you have the ability to imagine, innovate and create your own new style. Movavi Video Editing software will enable you to make quality movie with all the special characteristics that are required in real film making. Your created movies and YouTube videos can be fashioned at a very low budget with some great straightforward and simple tools.

Movavi windows video editor can transform your recording which was taken in the cell phone into a professional looking video. It can splice, edit, cut, clean up the videos, sync sound and music to the pictures and create personalized customizable titles with animation and text writings. It can also split audio and video tracks. It also has the capability of capturing streaming online videos and save it in a wide range of compatible formats for further editing.

This editing software has a very simple interface which is usually divided into three parts: tabbed control panel, video editor, and a working bar showing all the files that are open at the present moment. The essential menus such as File, Edit, Help and Playback are all lined up near the task bar. The tabbed controls have an important function. It allows you to import videos easily, edit them and export. It also helps you in creating special effects, insert captions and create transitions. The media player has accurate and crystal clear pictures.

You can capture videos from the web cam and can add commentary from your microphone or any other device. Movavi windows video editor is a tool kit that lets you manipulate and rearrange elements to make your own production very easily and quickly. Adding special effects is an important feature of Movavi windows video editing software. These special effects are multiple in numbers such as: Slow Motion, Old Movie, Zoom, Chroma Key, Tilt Shift etc. These are specialized effects which are used only be professionals but now even you have an access to them with Movavi.

These can be saved in customizable formats for easy use on any device.