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Programming Basics Concepts for Beginners

Programming Basics Concepts for Beginners

Jan 21, 2017

Learning about the programming basics is a good start to learn programming. Basically, the definition of programming refers to the creation of set of instruction in order to complete specific tasks. When you borrow this definition, then your basic daily activities are also described as programmatic. Your activities involve specific steps that follow a set of order. Let’s see some examples. After you wake up and feel hungry, you want to make peanut butter sandwich. So, to make this sandwich you have to go through a process. First, you must get slices of bread and peanut butter. Then, you need to spread the peanut butter on the bread and then put the bread together. That’s actually a programming because it involves some elements and a process to achieve something.


Just like in your every day’s lives, a program requires correct steps and correct order. Steps alone without correct order are nothing because the program will not be able to run or not run properly. In this case, you can understand a program as recipe. That’s why a program can also be very helpful to replicate a product when the original product’s creator is far away. However, program is not only about replicating but also mastering the programmatic behaviors and processed. And when it comes to the programming basics concepts, there are three most common structures and concepts.


The first concept in programming basics is Sequence of Commands. It means that the right commands have to be in the right order. The sequence is often known as task order. Correct sequence in important to make sure the program can run properly. However, there are also some procedures that don’t have the right task order. The next concept is Conditional Structures. It means that the program only knows true or false and yes or no. It is never something between. That’s why most of the structures involve the word “if”, “then” and “else”.


The third and last concept is known as Looping structures. It refers to list of instructions that ask the program to make repetition. This is often used to make the computers repeat sequence of commands or command. It can run for multiple times until certain condition exists. Obvious example can be seen in the One Potato game. This game involves repeated rhyme as many times as required. Learning the programming basics is not easy as expected though. It requires patient, consistency.

Tips to Master Programming Faster – 4 Effective Ways

Tips to Master Programming Faster – 4 Effective Ways

Nov 22, 2016

Improving your skill in programming requires more practical experiences. Programming is not something you can learn by only reading. You need to do practicing and implementing the best tips to master programming faster.  Remember that you cannot master programming within only one day. It requires days, months and even years to be really good at it. So, the whole time, you have to consistent in learning and practicing. But all the hard works will be paid off with good career ahead. The demand for this tech career has been and will always be increasing from time to time.

The number one on tips to master programming faster is to look at example code. If reading requires you to read the words, programming requires you to look at the codes. The first time you learn programming, you have to look at the codes to try to understand the use of the code. The more samples you see the better it is because then you have more knowledge. And it will also be very helpful when you need to create code.

Once you have taken a look at the example codes, the next thing you must do is to run the code. It’s no use memorizing the code without practicing. Therefore, you have to type the code into the compiler. Make sure you don’t only copying it but writing it by yourself. It will help you to memorize it faster and to pay attention to language’s syntax as well. Once you have successfully run it, continue by changing it. Do some experiment and see what will change when you change the code. Curiosity will bring you to a whole new level.

The next on the tips to master programming faster is to write your own code. Do this as soon as possible once you have understood the language. You can start by making a small program. The simplest the better it is. As you have improved your skill, continue by making bigger program. The key is to always challenge yourself to make a new and more difficult program. And, you have to learn using a debugger. Good debugging techniques will help you to learn creating a program.

Now that you have your skill improved, you must continue seeking out more sources about a program or coding that you haven’t understood yet. Don’t hesitate to ask to expert or more skilled programmers. And once you have applied these tips to master programming faster, your skill in programming will be much improved.

What Benefits Will You Get If You Learn C Pogramming Language?

C Programming LanguageC programming language is one of many programming languages which are widely popular and are used by many programmers all around the world. This programming uses C language because the language enables the programmers to reach maximum control to the program you operate. C language is also so efficient compared to the other programming language. C even becomes the basic language for other programming languages like Java, Python, and C++. Obviously, there are many benefits you will get if you learn C language.

The most notable benefit if you learn C programming language is that you will feel easy to get access to many other programming because C language is popular and used by many applications. This language is also used by many scientific and operating systems. If you can use this C language, surely you will be easily to communicate with other programmers from different places. It means that you can get access to the other flatforms from any place. may speak different language with the other programmers from different countries. But, this C language speaks the same language for all programmers. Besides, the other benefits are waiting in front of you. As it is told before, since C language is the basic language used by the other programming languages, after you master C language, it will be very easy for you to learn the other programming languages such as C++. This language is more complicated because it is resulted as the extension of its basic language, which is C. To learn C++ or the other programming languages, you definitely need to master C first.

If you are a programmer or a specialist in IT (information technology) field, you will be benefited even more after you learn C programming language. Many professionals maintain, run, or even write scripts in their everyday lives. Scripts are arranged from instructions which are aimed for an operating system in a computer to follow. To run a script, an IT professional needs to set the computer a shell. Shell is a controlled execution environment which is based on C. Shell was founded and developed using C programming as its basic language. If you think that learning C language is hard, you are wrong. This programming is easy to learn because you will understand all commands which are written in English. But, to operate this programming, you need a compiler to transform the human language into a readable one for machine. You can get the compiler for free if you are working in an institution runs in IT field. If not, you can purchase it in many stores because there are many compiler available.