The Benefits of Refurb

A lot of people have trouble getting a business together due to the startup overhead. A lot of capital is simply outside the reach of a company starting from square zero. If you’re looking at technical outlay, you’ve probably heard a little about refurbished IBM servers and similar devices. The following are some reasons you should consider refurbished items, both from a perspective of starting a new business and from a perspective of replacing your current equipment.

First and foremost, refurbished items are cheaper. This is all-but-universally true, and will only be false if a reseller is trying to price-gouge. Refurbished items will always be cheaper than new, but they carry a lot of the same guarantees as new items. This makes them “as good as new,” more or less. The primary downside for the reduced cost is decreased efficacy, but this is less of a problem if you’re only losing out on functions, speed and resources you actually need. Most business machines output far more than most companies will need, so refurbished items that are a year or two back-dated with respect to their model will be just as effective as a brand-new machine.

Next up, refurbished items tend to come with warranties. Because a company is looking at their own product and restoring it, they can sign off on its function and provide a guarantee. These warranties tend to come on the same kinds of terms as a new item’s warranty. Warranties are important to save you time and money in the long-term; if you can keep your machines in warranty, refurbished or not, you’re looking at an easier time, and most refurbished items come with the warranty tacked-on to the price, rather than as a separate service. It’s worth your consideration.

Finally, refurbished items are “known quantities.” Any computer that’s going to fail is most likely to do it very early or very late in its life. “Very late” tends to mean “longer than it will be in service,” so there can be an advantage to purchasing an older machine that has been vetted for physical wear-and-tear. While they may not always be as fast as a newer model, you’re less likely to find a refurbished machine giving up the ghost early in its service run in your company. This is the most easily-overlooked benefit of refurbished items, and most companies don’t even mention it in their sales pitch, so take it into consideration when you look for your next source of equipment.